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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

One Life Chapter-21 , by Lohita Poosarla

Karthik broke the engagement and cancelled our marriage, I was not hurt because he has done that, I was hurt because, for the first time I have seen tears in my Dad’s eyes, that to because of me, I felt like my life was not worth living, I was completely shattered, My parents and friends thought that I was broken because he broke the engagement, but no one knew the reason that all this happened because of me. My Dad couldn’t come out of this for many weeks, I was sad because of me my dad was also suffering. I couldn’t see him like that, so I decided to tell him everything about Naveen.
Finally, one day I went to my dad and told him about Naveen and all that has happened between us, and the reason for Karthik breaking the engagement, my dad was shocked at first, but later he understood the reason and supported me. 

He just asked me one thing “I will not do anything without your consent but just give me one answer, Will you ruin your entire life for one person? Anu you need to come out of him, you don’t know why he left you, why he abandoned you like this? Do you want to spoil your life just for one person?”

After that dad stopped talking to me , I don’t know why , I asked him many times , he became so formal with me , I was hurt with dad’s behavior.

First it was Naveen, second it was Karthik and now it is Dad, it was becoming too much to take in all that is happening with me, Why me God? I stopped believing in God , Dad’s silence was hurting me more than anything , my mom and all thought that I was crying for Karthik and break up of my engagement , but no one knew the reason , the person who knew the reason stopped talking with me. Many nights I cried to my pillows for why everything was happening to me. The relation between me and my dad died, we are acting formally in front of everyone, but the real relation between us died.

To the present day when Aradhya and Naveen met

“Without my consent everyone entered into my life, and left me when I needed them the most Naveen” after telling him everything what has happened in her life.

They both were silently looking towards the sea, no one spoke anything for a long time, and silence prevailed.

After a long gap, Naveen placed a hand on Aradhya’s shoulder and was trying to comfort her. She looked towards him and gave him a weak smile. 

“Aradhya, you know who called me here now? It’s your Dad!” he told her still holding her.

“What Naveen?”

“Yes he tried for me with the help of Karthik” he continued “They somehow got my whereabouts and caught hold of me and learnt about my situation and asked me to come down here to meet you”

“Naveen!” she asked him in surprise

“Yes Anu” he gave her a huge smile, took her hand into his and gently kissed her hand
Just then her mobile rang, it was her dad “Are you happy my princess?” he asked

“Dad, I love you so much and thanks for everything”

“You can thank me when you reach home, have a nice time now and reach home early, waiting for you both”

“Yes Dad” she disconnected the call and turned towards Naveen, who was lost in her smile, ‘how adorable she is’ he thought to himself

“Naveen, I’m speechless!!  It’s One Life and One Love , We won over death and making us believe that True love will always win, Yes ours is an example of that”
“Yes dear, we won, no our love won, after a long battle with Life!”

They hugged each other so tightly that now nothing can separate them, not even death. They were lost in each other arms for a long period, letting the pain go away, it started drizzling, as if even god has been waiting for them to unite and was now weeping with happiness for them.

True love doesn't mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes.

Naveen released her after sometime, and took out a box from his pocket, he opened it which contained a chain with a heart shaped locket, he took it out and placed it on her neck, and he gently kissed her on the forehead and told “Happy Birthday Aradhya” the clock struck 12

“Compassionate words from your mouth, the soft, steady gaze from your eyes, and the gentle touch of your hands leaves a peace surpassing my understanding. It’s true how you never know when your life begins; when one day your life will make sense and when you begin to discover…Feelings of comfort you’ve never felt, fullness never filled by anything else, and a sense of love that could move mountains. I’m alive when I’m with you, my heart could not beat without you. I want to be together, I’d wait for you always and forever... I LOVE YOU!!!”

“Tonight I will no longer have to dream of you. Mountains will crumble before I am through. I will not return to the emptiness that I knew when we were apart. Our love will mend our broken hearts. We have survived the worst, now there is nothing left to fear. But my mind won't rest until you are near. I’ve known all along my restlessness could only be cured by you, Please meet me under the stars, I cannot survive unless you do. Tonight I will touch your lips, and breathe you deep. I know every night I must whisper your name in my sleep. You are the only one who can heal my soul, Anything you desire will be yours, please be mine to hold. Under the moon, doves will encircle us as we make love on the beach. From now on I will never be out of your reach. Love me, tempt me, and hold me tight. There is no one I'd rather be with more tonight.”


By: Lohita Poosarla

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