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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Shaurya Forever... A Real Story. Part-2

Hi I am Shaurya…. Shaurya Maingi and this is my story.  All these days are the threads tied with each other to form a long thread, guiding me to death.  The obvious question which bubbles up in each head is how it all started. How can some incurable disease even attack a guy whose name is ‘Shaurya’. However, it hit me and I could not stand on the name given by my parents to me; the first gift they gave. I let them down by certainly not fighting well. Even if I fought well, I couldn’t win. I hope they will forgive me. It wasn’t my fault actually. I never thought that my name in itself would have the real essence of my life. Brave, Yes that was Me…
Why it all started? I don’t know. Where it all started?  I certainly know. Going back in my life from ashes to  Fortes Hospital to my college and finally to my school. Life is fun when you are in the final year of your schooling.  Life was never a challenge for me. All I had to do is wake up lazily, get ready and  dilute myself in rest of the schoolmates with same dresses. Boundaries of our school did circle my life and made it worth living.

I had the best time of my life, a loving Family (too caring mother. Right mom?), Wonderful School- I was the Vice President of the Discipline Council of my School, a sweet little brother and some exceptionally crazy friends... What else would one ask for? A someone special… maybe… I had that one too… Aarshi.

We talked about tales, cartoon and songs..
Hit every topic and life.. It was a real BANG ON!!

I shared my dreams and whatever that crossed my mind..
She had the solutions, so generous.. Yes so kind

We talk and talk till the day ends..
The world had a name for us.. They call us the Best of friends!

'Cheekoooo.. No not again', she replied almost irritated with me again. Her lips got apart a little to kiss the purple mug. For her, presence of coffee was more alluring than my presence. No one ever knew that even that coffee mug has more life left as compared to me.

'You are not a real friend, Chudail, can't you find even a girlfriend for me?' I said gripping her other hand.
'No i can't. Because you actually don't need a girlfriend. You just want someone you can talk to', she made a dirty face.

Someone pushed the door of coffee shop and I turned my head to see all the present girls in my radius. None of them attracted me. I don't know what actually i was looking for.

She noticed me staring at a girl and hit me   hard on my shoulder.

'Aarshi.. Ounch!” I almost cried in pain.

I could sense the jealousy, she was perhaps not ready to share me with anyone else. She had cooked a story of ours in mind and I was sealed as her possession since that day. We have been friends from 14 long years, there have been numerous rumors regarding our relationship but she was a friend, a Special friend.
'Monalisa you remember we have a party tonight at Anmol's place, so be there on time', she said getting up from her chair and ready to leave the Cafe. Her mug was empty. She had no better eason to stay now.

'Yes I remember... But I guess Mom won't allow. She is quite worried about my health. I have this pain in legs from quite a while', I replied casually. I seriously wanted to go but the pain was just unbearable. Moreover, I wanted to see if she really wanted me there or not.

I paid the bill and we walked out.

'No excuses. You have to be there', she said rather ordered.

I nodded like an innocent child who actually has no other option then to follow.

That night has some beautiful contribution to my cherished memories. I stepped into a recognized ambience with loud thumping music, many known faces waving at me. They seemed very happy on my arrival; I was always the life of all these parties and the warm yellow flames coming out from the fireplace adding some extra glory to the atmosphere.

It was a huge, splendid party.

It took me hours to convince Mom for this night out. My health was not matching up with my undying spirits, I felt weak. With many lame excuses, she finally agreed for this.
But she thought we were out for a “Group Study".

The hoots grew louder. The whole batch taping to the music and the "group study" began!

Shekhar and Aarshi by my side, I sat there with my drink, admiring the beautiful faces around, shifting through the memories that we have accumulated over the years.

I'll miss it and more than that I'll keep them safe forever in my heart. I said to them. Smiles filled the aura.
Minutes later they left for dance. Surprisingly today I was in no mood to company them; something inside me was pulling me towards a strange pain. Something unexpected was going to happen, something I could not stop!

Though I did not let their happiness die, I was doing my bit to make them feel my presence. Cheering for them…!!!

My cellphone vibrated inside my pocket and I unlocked it to read a message by Telecom Company. It  was 10:45 pm when my body started  hurting . It was a smooth pain, with no right or wrong ways, an obvious one. I tried to avoid it. The charm of the night was alluring enough to distract me from that pain. I rushed to the snacks corner. Food can indeed take any pain away.   

"You foodie, go burn the floor there,” Aarshi almost shouted.

I turned my head and noticed her. She was looking gorgeous in that Ted outfit. How can someone miss those mysterious eyes and that cute smile?

"Oh.. I don’t run on petrol. I need some food to Run", I replied with a wink and put some French fries in my mouth.

She held my hand tightly (almost stopping me from eating.), literally dragging me to the dance floor. For her happiness, I danced. But my body this time got worse, the pain was unbearable. My legs were numb. I was traumatized, enough to cast myself lose from her and looked for a seat..

Written by:

Parul Parihar
Venu Pandey

Himanshu Appie Chhabra


  1. This is so touching... U truly are a very brave soul shaurya...God bless always..

  2. This is so touching... U truly are a very brave soul shaurya...God bless always..


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