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Just Saying

Friday, 14 February 2014

You came into my mind.... A Poem

Counting the shining star;
And you came into mind,
You gave me a kiss,
You gave me a kiss,
I opened my eyes,
Thought about your love
Your love was  so pure
Whenever you hug me
Whenever you hug me
I feel so secure
Feel so secure
Can you hug me once again?
Can you kiss me once again?
Can you love me once again?
If I ask you so
Will you say no?
I know you still care
Our meeting was planned not so rare;
Almighty wanted us to meet
And  then you became my heartbeat....
Thinking of you makes me smile..
Makes me smile...
You came into mind
And true love I find....

Bookholic sizzler

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