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Friday, 14 March 2014

Shaurya Forever... A Real Story. Part-11

They had finally given up, taking me away from my second home. They said they can’t treat me further.  Suggesting that my parents should take me away from India to other land where there were possibilities of my cure. The news spread like fire in my family, relatives and everyone who knew there was this guy dying with Cancer and hoping to change his fate.

Suggestions rained on my dad’s head. Each suggestion had some new country’s name with it. Each one claiming that I would be alright completely. There was one suggestion saying that I must be taken to the Singapore.

Somewhere it brought back my old smile. Even I had the belief that if I was taken to the Singapore, near Ayushi, I would have been completely fine.   But no one agreed to that except me, obviously. Even death at Singapore was acceptable.

After all the filtering and researches, Fortis Hospital became my new home and Dr. Raina my new life saviour. My Chemotherapy started there. It wasn’t easy to go through this therapy. It was as painful as death itself. I would have run away if I had an option but I had none. So, I chose to stay and fight, even if the winning possibility was almost half of the losing possibility. Reminds me of that movie, 300, where Spartans fought the fight like a fight even if they knew that at the end of it they would be nothing but a pile of corpse.
Each time the drugs were injected in me, piercing my skin, the pain would become intolerable.  The entire purpose was to kill the multiplying Cancer Cells in my body. Problem was that my White Blood Cells were diminishing after every therapy  but cancer cells were growing at an uncontrollable speed.

It was like, I was making myself week so that Cancer turns week.

Each drop injected in me hurt like hell. The pain I went through was nothing good as boiling oil vessel. I was altogether swimming through pain to the life because boat of my hope was too broken to take me to the shore.

Call it perks of having Cancer but I started losing my hair and was experiencing vomiting and nausea. My immune system was weakened because the white blood cell count was going down. Fighter in my body also fell down and I became more susceptible to the infections.

With each mile of pain, I was an inch near my life. Everyone (including me) again had the shaft of hope that I would be fine soon. My body showed improvement after the initial chemotherapies.

A ray of hope was entering into my life passing through all the darkness i had already consumed.
Days were passing somehow, i was growing weak. The glow on my face was lost months ago like it never existed.

Many known and unknown faces visited me meanwhile asking about my health. This is what I hated the most, I hate talking about my health.

But to the World I was just putting my strong side forward.

Those were the times when I thanked God for blessing me with the natural acting skills. If he could not bless me with an easy life, at least he did bless me with something.

Faking a smile, wiping off those tears silently, bearing the pain without complaining. I was used to all this now. Sometimes I felt that I was living a dual life. College like school was another beautiful journey which I was missing. I was attending but due to the chemotherapy sessions I wasn't regular.

Then out of no where I got a reason to Smile, a reason to Celebrate!

Winters came bringing Ayushi with it! Yes December was the Month!

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Written by: 

Parul Parihar 
Himanshu Appie Chhabra

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