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Monday, 17 March 2014

Shaurya Forever... A Real Story. Part-12

Aarshi had already informed me about her arrival in the first week of December. Those were the tough times, my condition was not that good but I actually had to keep aside all that so I could get day to see her, one day to relive all that I was pining for.

9th December was her Birthday, I wanted it to be the most special day for her! Indeed it was for but for that today I wanted to take up all the responsibility of making her smile,  pampering her and making her believe 'How special she is'

I had already planned everything with Aarshi, she was as of course all excited and happy to help me.
There she was, how beautiful she looked in that Red Dress, the glow on her face was so bright enough to enlighten the ambiance, her serene smile was making me fall in love with her all over again.
I was all Staring at her from behind the pillar that was acting as a support and also to beautify the interiors of the cafe.

Then Aarshi whispered something into her ears, as those whispers reached me. That was the time when I had to make my entry! Well. I could no longer make it a grand entry cause all I wanted was I  just wanted to walk normal without falling, I  just wanted to smile real without any sort of nervousness taking over me, I just wanted to be ordinary, an ordinary human being.

There her angelic eyes started looking for something or may be someone.
And suddenly her eyes stopped when he found me reaching her with a bouque and a cake!
After million suggestions from Mancha, Saloni and Sahil, this idea was finally approved!

I wanted to shout 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY', so that everybody around us could see how much crazy I was for her, for my Ayushi!
But I was literally too weak to be her Super Hero for today. That was a time when I made a promise to myself that may be not for today but I will be her Super Hero for her entire life, protecting her, holding her and just standing beside her in all the Ups and Downs! That was my promise to her Future!

Suddenly the pearls in her eyes were shining like some diamonds on seeing me right in front of her!
She had missed me, no less I could sense that, feel that.

She stood up from her chair and hugged me tightly.
That was the moment I cared about nothing, about no one. I just wanted to embrace my life into my arms.

"I missed you so much", she whispered into my left ear.
I said nothing just smiled more from within!
It felt every part of my body was smiling with me, celebrating with me the joy of my First Love! 
We got settled down and started with our usual talks. The usual talks were mainly about my health.
I just told her I was better now and things will be fine soon. I was trying every bit to assure her but somehow my assurance had seemed to fail!

She was not convinced with my words. After the cake cutting and pictures session,she left for the washroom!
It took her quite a while to return. But then she came. I expected her to return with one extra layer of makeup, some more pink gloss on her lips.

But to my utter surprise she looked pale, her eyes seemed as if she had just cried.
Our love story was an unusual one. We never admitted our love for each other, perhaps that wasn't required.
Love need no words!

The time passed and I did not realise when it was time for her to leave.

I hate her leaving, I hate Goodbyes! I got up and hugged her, hugged her for THE LAST TIME!

PS: Happy Holi :)

Written by: 

Himanshu Appie Chhabra
Parul Parihar 

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