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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

SHAURYA : Mist of Existence-2


Dear Cheeku,
tumhare sath ek dance number prepare kerna was the best memory..tumhari yaad sirf gher, galiyon ya words me nahi but her saas me h...her din ek jhagda bhagwan se h ki aisa kyu hua..her waqt dimaag me kuch chalta rehta h..but end of d day jab yh sochti hu ki tu duniya ke her dukh takleef se door toh ek shanti bhi milti h kyuki.main janti hu tu samne nahi h but dard se door but hamare as pass h bahut pass h.


Today you are not with me.
But yes you were my only childhood friend since nursery.
One person who i used to love talking to,with whom i can be completely myself.
I am so incomplete without you.
There is nobody who'll pull my leg now or accompany with me to ccd or make fun of girls or call at night and say (yr koi dhang ki ladki patwa de)
I miss u
U carry a large part of my body mind nd soul
U were so strong nd used to always tell me mjhe kya hona hai mein thk hu
I'll miss u dude
Plz come back
Well i guess everything happens for a reason nd maybe this was to take you sufferings away
Nd u are like guide to me,u taught me how to live life
How to walk on the darkest paths
When Nthng is visible nd still nt to show anybody that u are weak .
Kaise guzarti hai har ek shaam meri tere bagair,
agar tu dekh le mujhe to kabhi tanha na chodta.




I miss every moment spend with you. Random chats , movies together , cricket together , and what not ! I know you loved me always , as you would always call me up when bored and say 'Janak Puri aaja yaar , mai bore hora hu.' .'Chal mere personal photographer , meri photo kheech ab ' this would be your first sentence when we always met and then ' chal ab apni I'd de , comment toh kru apni photo p badia s' . I know you were always comfortable with me , tbhi sirf mujhe apne saath sulaata tha. You never left me even when your friends were up , rather indulged me with them .. How can I forget the pizza time and fun with You , and your friends (Yuvraj , Sid , Aman). I love you forever!


I still can't believe you're not here.I've never imagined a life without you,and I don't know  how I'm going to accept the reality now.I still remember the day when you  told me to click pictures of you with your guitar,and you were standing in the balcony posing with it when you decided to sit on the railing and pose.I got so scared and kept telling you to get down or you'll fall.and you dint listen.that feeling of you getting hurt at that time,was so strong and hurtful that my hands were shaking while clicking ur picture.that was the time I realized how much I cared for u and can't live without you..but then,there came a day when you were gone,forever.I miss you every second bhai,I dream about us every night,me and you talking to each other for hours like we did.I'll miss you at every stage in my life; especially on the day i get married, when my bestest  brother won't be there to accompany me till the stage.Love you :(

Questions from the READERS!!

Did you ever feel insecure of Ayushi getting more close to Shaurya? (ANONYMOUS)

Aarshi: No i was happy seeing them together because shaurya was happy
He was trying to overcome his pain by this,and this was the sole   Reason of me finding girls for him.
And i was never jealous from any girl in his life.
Because at the end of the day i knew everything happening in his life.

• Do Souls of the Dead Return
Back to this World?
Will he ever come back to us? (ANSHIKA VIVEK)

Chaitanya: But I think he is happy were he is. In this world there are many problems mobile towers and medical negligence.

• His last words? (ANSHIKA VIVEK)

Chaitanya: He said " mujhe nai lagta ki ab meh kabhi ab ghar ja paunga mujhe pani do amritser wala " after drinking " jai guruji " and fainted forever!!

•His hobbies, likes and dislikes? Things he enjoyed most? (ANSHUMA SHARMA)

Kartik Maingi: He loved his country, food, cricket and getting pictures clicked. He asked me to remove my shirt when India won World Cup.

Saloni Sachdeva: Get together. He enjoyed them the most!

•How did his family react when they came to know about his health? How they supported him? (SHRUTI PAREIKH)

Sarika Bhalla: They were shattered, devastated totally. Bhaiya still gained some strength and focussed on his treatment but it took 6 months to Bhabhi to accept it.

Kartik Maingi: I asked Bhaiya about the reports. He was numb, speechless. I asked again,he then said 'ITS LYMPHOMA'
They were broken!

• Mancha, whom do you miss more a Friend or a Nephew as you were so close to him? (ANONYMOUS)

Kartik Maingi: I miss the little child who was born in front of me and grew with me.I miss everything abt him..from watching matches discussing movies..playing online games..sharing jokes...problems...discussing daily things on bbm...making fun of other...wht do I miss the most ? I miss his existence in my life...he is my kid...when he was serious me and my wife had begged to god..that if u want a life then don't give us a kid ever.....we want our cheeku back healthy.

"Shaurya didn't left us..he left a shaurya inside all of us"

• Shaurya was elder to you, as you mentioned in the mist of existence segment that you were all dependent upon him. Now how it feels to do all by your own?

Chaitanya: It feels very difficult, he made our all work easy when we were stuck in small problems. He gave his example  and we got inspired.

•Saloni, mentioned as baby sister. But what resulted to this maturity, this change as mentioned in part 7th?

Saloni Sachdeva: I cared less about everything in my life until this turn over ! It had put me into a big shock . I was shattered yet didn't show anyone , and all because of Shaurya . His positive outlook towards everything had made me stronger , and positive . My problems in life didn't bother me anymore! I broke down, cried , got hurt yet could control myself , all because of him!

•What was the driving force in his life that made him fight so bravely and never give up? (BARKHA)
Kartik Maingi: His Dad, he never gave up! He was the one who wanted him to fight till the End!

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