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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-5

Chapter – 5 Vathsala And Akash

Life was getting better for Vathsala, everyone was happy for her and felt that she was blessed to get such a guy and to become a daughter in law for that family.

It was her grandfather’s death anniversary , their house was in full swing with guests , relatives coming , she was also busy in receiving guests and entertaining everyone , late afternoon , when all the guests left and only when their relatives were left , everyone was relaxing , then came a phone call to Vathsala’s Father from Akash’s Father.

“Hello ji” told Vathsala’s Father

“Hello sir, how are you?” asked Akash’s Father 

“We are fine. What about you sir, how is Akash ji?”

“He is doing great and by the way we are coming to your house now, heard that it was your father’s anniversary, we would like to come”

‘Oh my god! Now!’ he thought to himself “Yes sir, you are always welcome” he continued “Who all are coming”

“Myself, Akash, my daughter and my son-in law”

“If you have any problem, please do tell, no need to worry ji !

“Ha ha no problem, you are always welcome”

“Ok then we will come in an hour”

“Ok see you”

Vathsala’s Father came inside the house and one look at everything around , he understood there is a lot to do , he announced to everyone that they are coming  , that’s it , with that one word , people who are tired and ready to doze , got back to their senses and was working their asses of  in cleaning the house.

“Vathsala, go get ready, even the guy is coming they may ask you” shouted her mother from kitchen. Vathsala who was mopping the floor, handed over the thing to her cousin and ran into her room, she was waiting for that moment.

The moment she heard that they are coming, all her tension came back to her, she couldn’t concentrate on anything and was totally tensed

“arrgh , don’t they have any other work , why are they coming now ?”

One look at the mirror and she found a stranger staring at her ‘definitely if he sees me like this he might think who this girl is’ she needed a head to toe full grooming.
In an hour she somehow managed to groom herself and was looking better than before.  She was waiting in her room for someone to intimate , no one has turned up to see her , finally she cracked opened the door and looked outside , no one was there , she came out , everything was set ready for the guests and everyone was busy grooming themselves.

She went into the kitchen and found out that sweets were also spread out neatly in trays ready to serve the guests. All this nervousness and work made her hungry; she took a sweet from the bowl and came out, saw that no one was there and was moving into her room, on the way to her room, she collided with her mom, her mom was staring at her hand and her mouth, she made a poker face and stood there.

“Vathsala!! Those sweets are for guests, not for us”

“Yes mom, I took only one piece” she said pleadingly

“Ok, go into your room, don’t come out unnecessarily, if they ask you , we will call you, or else stay back in your room ok , Don’t come out of your room?”

“Then why did you ask me get ready”
“Just in case if they ask you, you need to be ready”

“Ok mom” she went back into her room.

She was thinking whether Akash will ask about her or not. She heard some noise coming from the living room, ‘Oh they have come’ she thought to herself, she was counting every second; it was a test to her patience. Suddenly her cousin came in and shouted, “Hey Vaths , Your hero is coming”

Her nervousness hit her back, “Uffo he is coming now” she stood up and was setting herself.
Someone opened the door to her room; it was her father along with Akash and his father and all other family members.  She stood in a corner where they cannot see her from the doorway, she heard their conversation

“This is her room, Akash” told her father to him

“Oh.. Nice uncle” told Akash

And everyone left including Akash, she heard footsteps fade and came near the doorway to peep in to the hallway, she saw everyone was seated in the living room and all her cousins were standing at the back, who saw her peeping and giving her a Will-tell-uncle Look, she was making faces to them, she randomly was checking everyone and suddenly found out that Akash was staring at her, with that she closed the door and stumbled upon her bed , she was all blushing <3 <3

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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