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Saturday, 31 May 2014

A jungle, A campfire, A scream and.... - A Poem by Vidushi Goyal

Once upon a time,
I saw a white light.
In a dark jungle, beneath the sky,
Where all was my dog and I.
I had heard of its history,
That lived there a beast.
But it was still a mystery,
'Coz none had ever heard him least.

Sitting besides the camp fire,
I got up and got higher,
No one I could see in sight.
But felt the light coming nigh
Then suddenly there were screams,
Was someone frightened it seemed,
All I thought of now was rescue,
And thought of running without no clue.
But Aghast! My dog didn't come,
Maybe he had known the intruder.
I couldn't leave him all alone,
So I gave up and sad down, oh!
As the light drew closer and closer,
I could hear the screams more clearer.
Where had heard those screams I thought,
A movie or in a serial?
Then what I saw made me l laugh hard,
Afraid of reptiles was my friend?
She had come here in my search,
With the light of the torch.
I laughed, I giggled and I tittered,
That my friend was afraid of squirrels.
We went back home safe and sound,
With my dog I loved even more now. 
Vidushi Goyal

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