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Monday, 5 May 2014

In Conversation with Barkha Parikh : An Interview

Today, on our panel of discussion we have an exceptionally talented girl, barkha Parikh. She isn’t new on our platform. She has been with us since PP had just started off and we take pride in telling you that the journey that began from here has turned her into a writer. Let’s hear her story, her way over a cup of coffee with Harshita Srivastava.

Firstly, congratulations for being a published author now. How does it feel to have the tag of an ‘author’? Do you think it has changed you as a person?

Thank you so much Harshita. I feel honored to have the tag of the author. I had never imagined that I would make a mark in this field. I had never thought of writing or I had power of writing or creativity. I have changed for the better now. There is a constant urge in me to raise my own bar and compete with myself and touch many hearts and enlighten many souls. And I hope I fulfill expectations of the readers, beginning with myself.

So how has the journey been, from being a blogger to an author?
I have said this before and I would still say that before 3 years I was longing to be heard and now I have 24000 people across the world reading my blog and more than that, millions of people all over the nation reading my book. It feels great to be heard, to be read. Blogging has proved to be the first stepping stone to become an author and it’s my first love- my kid, and writing books is my second love- my passion.

You’ve been associated with Purple pen since its initial stages. Do share your experiences of being a part of this platform.
Purple Pen has given me the platform when I was going through a very depressive stage in my life. I am grateful to the entire team and Himanshu especially for making me a part of this venture and giving me a platform to share my view.  It brought my confidence back. Thanks a bunch. 

Tell us something about your personal blog. What made you name it so?
Basically, I am very talkative and I am over-expressive when it comes to emotions. My mentor once guided me to start my personal blog so that I can speak my heart out and I started my blog. I am a complete coffee addict, cold coffee to be précise and I believe that a lot of precious talks can happen over a cuppa coffee, so I named it – “” – U, Me n Coffeetalks!

Your blog has got various realistic articles which are so heart touching that one may get goose bumps. These are normal incidents which happen in our day to day life but you put in the deepest emotions which may change someone’s thinking quite positively. Do you analyze a lot?
Well. It’s not an analysis. But often we overlook minor things when we undergo major incidents in life. And I believe that an article or a book is not worth a read if does not stir up the correct emotions. 

Does it mean that at such a young age, you have lived and understood life quite deeply?
Oh no no!! I am just a naïve. Learning to swim in the ocean of life. I yet have not discovered the depth of life. A lot more is still left to explore.

The reader fraternity doesn’t know much about you. Tell us something about your background. How does your day begin every day? What does it take to being Barkha?
I am a computer teacher from Ahmedabad. I also work for under-privileged kids. My day begins with their good morning greetings with happy faces and it feels special to see a smile on their faces and touching their future. Being Barkha just means to Live Life to the Fullest and Follow Your Heart. Write or Express yourself fully For a Cause and Not for an Applause. Give Love and Happiness unconditionally and selflessly even if you are not the part of that Happiness. Don’t expect in return.

Do you plan to publish a full-fledged novel? What are you working on presently? Share some thing about your future plans.
Yes, definitely. I am working on it. I will contact a publisher soon once I am done with it. Just to see myself on the bookshelves of most of people although it may not be on the panel of bestseller.

Do you intend to take up full time writing?
Writing is my passion and a way to outlet my emotions and I believe Best comes out of Passion and not Pressure. So yes, I would not mind taking up full time writing. Infact, I would also not mind being a content-writer for a website.

What is your inspiration behind writing? Who are some of the important people who helped you to achieve this stature?
My only source of inspiration is my Mentor. Every single article on blog or every single poem in the book is dedicated to her. Had she been not there, I would not have dared to hold a pen and scribble. And I promise to write till the day I have her around.  Other than her, my parents who were surprised when they discovered about my this skill and of course my sweet readers-cum-friends for always commenting, guiding, appreciating whatever I write. It means a lot.

Would you like to share something about your mentor? The poem that you have written in the book dedicated to her is full of compliments. Anyone would aspire to have such mentor…
Sorry. I am not allowed to reveal her identity since I would love to keep my personal life a secret. All I can say is she is a wonderful, strong lady with a beautiful heart and altruistic soul. She is beautiful in everything she does. Her work, her motivating speech, her empathetic listening, her never-ending cares, everything. She defines eternal beauty which lies deep within her soul. Only angels can be so. And she is the one for me.

Does it mean that you would leave writing the day she’s not around you?
Lol. Yes, may be. Let the time reveal it.

What is the best compliment you have got till now?
Actually there are 2:
1.       When my mentor read my book and she said – “You make the entire womanhood proud.”
2.       When one of my favourite authors, Harshita Srivastava read one of my articles and said – “You are too good. You should start writing children stories. You will be a hit in that genre.”

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I see myself on the bookshelves of most of the people even if not on the bestseller panel.  
To sum it up, I would just say a modified version of my favourite poem:
“The woods of Life are Lovely, Dark and Deep…
But I have promises to keep…
Have to do a lot over a coffee sip…
And miles to go before I sleep…
And miles to go before I sleep…”

 Thank you for being with us and giving your valuable time.

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