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Friday, 2 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-6

Chapter – 6
Akash and Vathsala 

Vathsala stumbled upon her bed and was thinking about Akash, “Has he seen me making faces at them, what he might be thinking about me? What if Mom learns about this? And will he ask my parents about me?” Many questions are running in her mind, she couldn’t control herself.

She silently tiptoed to the door to see what was happening outside, she slightly cracked opened the door to check the surroundings, but there was a hindrance to her view, she completely opened the door to see, to her surprise her brother was standing at the door, He raised an eyebrow towards her and asked with a wicked grin on her face “Kya?”  


“Ok ok, not now, Akash’s sister and husband wants to talk with you, Stop your childish acts now , they are coming , Behave Properly” he ordered her like she was a school kid who makes a lot of mischief’s

After her brother left came in Akash’s sister Swathi and her husband, they were so friendly towards her, Swathi’s husband has a good sense of humor, and she felt at ease talking with them.

“So, Your from a Software Background too?” asked Swathi’s husband


“Nice , you know even Akash is a Software Engineer , Swathi is also the same and even myself ,So I have a Idea , Why don’t we four start a software company ?”
He said and burst out laughing at his joke.

“So how was Akash? Did you like him?” Asked her sister

Vathsala nodded her head, and then came in Akash along with Vathsala’s brother, and their eyes met and they were staring into each other. They didn’t notice the silence that has surrounded them

“Are we in a library?” asked Swathi’s husband breaking the silence and bringing them back into this world.

“Shall we leave Swathi, dad is calling” told Akash to Swathi and his brother in law who has come out of his reverie

“Yep let’s leave, And Vathsala don’t forget about the company ok?” told Swathi’s husband

She smiled at him; they all left the room, leaving Vathsala in her own land.

After a few minutes she opened the door to see whether they have left or not, living room was empty, she didn’t find any one there, she went in to the living room and was searching if she could find any one of her family members, she saw towards the main door, everyone was bidding bye to them, she hid behind a curtain and was peeping to see what was happening, her eyes searched for him, she found him and was staring at him , as if someone has called him , Akash turned towards were Vathsala was hiding and gave her a secret smile , she returned his smile , and came back into the living room and fell down on the sofa relaxed and closed her eyes for a second  and the images of him smiling at her came back to her. She was smiling to herself with her eyes closed.

“aha.. what is that making you smile dear” asked her aunt tapping her on her cheeks.

“Nothing Aunty” her face became reddened

“I know I know  ...” and she continued “Your hero was searching for you the whole time he was sitting here, and finally Mohan has understood his problem, and bought him to your room, Oh my God, he was even searching for you while he was leaving, he wanted to see you and you are not even concerned ah ?”

“Auntyyyyyyyy ..” she said in hushed tone and ran into her room

“Answer me Vathsala” shouted her aunt back to her.

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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