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Monday, 12 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-11

      Chapter – 11

Vathsala and Akash

Vathsala couldn’t digest the news, her beautiful world has been shattered and is being collapsed in front of her, and she couldn’t digest in what has happened, she never thought that this will happen, she was strong enough not to burst out in front of her parents, because her already devastated parents couldn’t take in anymore, so she tried her best to conceal her emotions before them. She thought why will Akash do like this? Really do they need money or Akash is not interested, she was like what was their reason to back off? Why did they do this?

Everyone was disappointed at the sudden change of situations, it’s becoming hard to diminish the pain and come back to reality, in this society whatever maybe the reason, whoever might be responsible, but the sole person who suffers a lot is the girl who undergoes such a situation, and her parents.

When everything is falling into pieces, everything has been overturned.

Vathsala and her parents are trying to reveal themselves of this stress and pressure but there are relatives who are there to butt in and disturb them over and over on the same issues.

Finally, it’s time for Vathsala to decide upon her marriage or career. 

She has gone to her mother to tell her decision,

“Maa..” she called her calmly

“Ha Vathsala” she turned towards Vathsala

“Maa , I want to continue with my studies , please now don’t bring in any marriage proposal , what has happened , has happened . I don’t want to waste my life on this stupid thing anymore, please”

“Marriage is inevitable in anyone’s life Vathsala , you cannot escape it , if not now some other day you need to get married , because something bad happened now , you cannot run away from the reality”

“But, I need some time for myself Maa... I’m not running away from marriage, I want to settle in my career first, after that a person who can accept me as I am will enter into my life, but not now, please, I don’t want to be at mercy of others.”

“Vathsala, we need to talk this with your dad, I cannot tell you anything”

“Mom, I will talk with dad, there is no problem, sis you do what you feel like, don’t worry” interrupted her brother, who has been listening to their conversation.

“But Mohan, do you think your dad will accept?” asked her mom angrily

“Then what will you people do now? Tell me? Get another person? Mom let her come back from all this, Please let her have her own career, what if all this has happened after marriage?  What will be her position then? Do you think she can come over that? Pleaseeee , Let her have her own career and let her have a strong mindset to face the future problems. Let her be INDEPENDENT first” he stressed more on the word independent, to let her mom understand the importance of her career and he continued “Mom it’s not about her career, it’s about fighting with life , she has been so depressed with such a small issue , how can she have the courage to face it in the future in a stranger’s house , I will convince dad , there is nothing wrong in it , she can complete her PG in two years or do a job as her wish , In the meanwhile let us search for the correct person for her. This is Life and there is nothing to hurry, Right things Happen when the time comes”.

There is a lot of difference on being independent and being arrogant. Every girl should be independent enough to stand on her own and also humble enough to respect her family and their values <3 <3

Ishika and Arjun

After the call from Arjun’s di, Ishika has understood the reality and asked Arjun for them to get married first with her parent’s blessings and later on they can convince his parents, but Arjun was completely against that, he was not at all accepting that.

“Ishi, I’m their only son, doing like that might break their heart, I cannot do that”

“So you can break my heart?”

“I never told I will leave you Ishi”

“Do you think my parents will wait, we are running short of time Arjun Don’t you understand that?”

“I do understand but please give me some time”

“How much time you need Arjun, I don’t understand? At least you don’t even try to talk with my Mother. How can they believe us? And you have been avoiding my Brother’s call, what do they think? Do you think they will believe us?”

“I don’t have any words to answer him Ishi, which is the reason I have been avoiding him”

“Avoiding doesn’t give any solution, so please do something Arjun, before my dad gets frustrated and does something and he is already on the verge of searching for matches”

“I will do something, Please be patient”

“Well, you continue to be like this until I get married to someone” she stormed away from that place without hearing on what Arjun has to say.

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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