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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-13

Chapter -13

Life will never be fair enough! It’s a journey, it will never be how we planned it to be, but will be how it is destined to be!! The same happened with Vathsala &Akash, Ishika &Arjun.

Vathsala never thought the she would become a entrepreneur, it was a distant dream to her, a dream which she thought will never be fulfilled, but god has destined it the other way for her , One incident and everything has been changed completely , her life now ,  is what she expected to be in her dream ! But it’s a reality now.

Akash, A guy who goes by his dad’s decision, is whimsical to go on his own decision and lost his life, a Beautiful life with Vathsala, he has been following her speeches, read each n every article regarding her in all the available possible magazines, he was at awe with her, the girl whom he has seen is different and the women he is seeing now is like night and day! Life changes the scenario with the decisions we take in few minutes, which rule our life!!

Ishika, a girl who thought that the love was everything for her, who thought Arjun was her life; there is no life without Arjun , is now living without him , this is what we say Irony of Life !!! It will give us all the sweet things to cherish and when we are happy with life, there comes the irony, giving us a blow and the same happened with them, there is no more Arjun in her life, but his memories are still present.

Arjun, a loser, who lost the love of his life for his parents, who doesn’t have the courage to fight with his parents for his love, a sober guy. If he had tried a bit harder, he might have got her, but no he has lost her for his parents, is he happy or made his parents happy for that? No, he has been into drugs and is spoiling his life. A Guy who lost his love for his parents but in turn lost everything, his parents are crying for their son, for his life, repenting for what they have done. But there is no way he could back his life.

In Indian Marriages caste, creed, money plays a very important role, destroying the life of many, a simple case of how 4 lives, have been changed within days!!

We never knew what is written, fate has it all!!

With the blessings of all the elders, Ishika and Akash’s marriage has been fixed!
Today was their engagement, everyone around seems to be happy except the bride and bride groom.

Ishika was helpless and accepted this proposal for marriage, while Akash left it to his dad; yes he is a guy, who cannot think on his own, and made an bad decision in his life , somewhere in his heart he wanted Vathsala , but he cannot forgo his dad’s verdict , and there is no other go. He looked at the bride , there was no happiness in her , he could sense it , and again his thoughts ran back to Vathsala when they both met , there was a happiness in her eyes , which itself made him at ease with her , this girl was not even talking to him , he felt like he was a intruder into her life.

They both were acting like they were bride and groom, but there is no real happiness in them while exchanging the rings, not even once they made an eye contact, and also there was no smile on their faces, the real charm has left them.

Ishika gets engaged to Akash Officially!!

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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