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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-14

Chapter -14

Ishika never tried to talk with Akash, nor Akash tried to talk with Ishika, after their engagement, It is an unspoken word of oath taken by both of them not to disturb each other.

Sometimes, we lose a diamond thinking that we might get a better gem, but leaving back the reality that we lost the one diamond that God has created for us! The same happened with Akash but there is no way he could come out from this pre-wedding lock.

Marriage is an occasion, which can happen only once in anyone’s life, it requires love, affection and bonding between the people who get married along with the support and blessings of elders, lack of any of these elements might result in unhappy marriages. The scantiness of any of these elements results in unhappy weddings and unhappy couples!! Marriage is obligatory in one’s life, it s requisite in anyone’s life, so why take chances, it not only spoils their life but also the future of two families!!

Ishika’s parents and Akash parents are prodding on a date to fix their marriage, Akash father is happy because he got what he desired for! DOWRY. Ishika’s dad is happy because her daughter is getting a good husband. But the reality is different!

Akash was lost in his office work while his mind was wandering somewhere, when his boss called him into his cabin.

“Hey come in Akash” called in his boss when he saw him knocking on his door.
Akash gave him his trade mark official smile and took a seat opposite to his boos.

“So, anything important? You sound excited!” asked Akash

“Yeah, actually, you heard of this girl named Vathsala, a young entrepreneur at an age of 24” and he continued “a women who’s been fighting for women!”

“Yeah Yeah, I knew about her, now what’s that about her?” asked Akash

“I wanted to do something for our women employee’s on women’s day so I would like you to meet this lady and ask her to come here and conduct a program, on that day”

“What?? Are you serious?”

“Yeah, coz it would be something different from every year’s program” he observed a quizzical expression on Akash’s face and asked him “Is there a problem?”

“No Not at all” and he continued with a pleading tone “Please try to ask someone to arrange for that for this time please”

“No it’s your responsibility and everything is in your hands now to arrange!” he said it like it was an order, now there was no other go! He was stuck in a maze.

“So How about some coffee?” asked his boss
“Yeah I would like to have” his boss called the office boy and ordered

“So, what about your marriage?”

“Yeah they are prodding with the dates, will be fixed at the earliest”

“That’s great”

We often end up in doing things we do not want to do, but God wants us to do!!!

Akash was waiting for Vathsala in her cabin, his mind was now turmoil, how can he face her, how to handle this situation, how will she take this? while he was in his dreamland , Vathsala entered her cabin, she didn’t see who the person was , but she knew someone was coming from Pishol company , and this was the biggest project for them and she was all excited about this , because of this gets succeeded , it meant a tie up with them !

“I’m sorry for the delay, was struck up in a small issue” she told and was walking towards the person, he turned towards her to face her, upon seeing her, he was amazed to see the change in her, she has worn a sky blue saree, which has been perfectly draped around her and her hair was made up with curls and bouncing as she was coming towards him gracefully, He was voiceless on seeing, Elegance and Dignity pre defined! That is her!! The spark in her eye is still present.

She recognized the person, her body has sent shivers through her spine, but she controlled herself of all the emotions that are engulfing her and with all the stoutheartedness, she extended her hand and introduced herself “Hi, I’m Vathsala, How are you?”

He was dumbfounded at how well she was handling the situation, and he like a kid was showing all his expressions on his face and murmured back “Hi. I’m Akash”

“So it’s my pleasure to meet you” she told, he nodded his head in agreement
“Yes, we would like you to do this for us” his voice was a whisper
“Yes definitely, the pleasure would be mine”
“Can you come and meet our boss and talk the rest of the issues with him” he ended it abruptly, because he can’t handle it anymore
“Yeah sure, definitely” and continued “Fix up a date inform us, we will definitely work out!”

“Thanks, By the way, you are pretty good at handling situations and heard that you helped a lot many women, that’s really great” he finally found words to say something to her

“Yes, some PEOPLE and some SITUATIONS helped me a lot” she said stressing more on the words people and situations, for him to understand the reality and continued, “This being a Women Empowerment Organization; it has helped me a lot in being what I am!”

It was like clear blow to him, which hit him hard on his face!!

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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