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Friday, 23 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-15

Chapter – 15

Ishika was lost in her own world, when her mobile started to vibrate, it was an unknown number, and she received the call on last ring.


“Hello, Ishika?” a female voice asked her

“Yes, who is this?”

“Ishika, I’m Arjun’s mom” told the other voice

“Arjun?” she asked her questioningly

“Ha Beta, I want to talk with you, can you please give me a min”

“Aunty, now why are you calling me?” asked Ishika with a surprised tone

“Beta, I would like to tell you about Arjun” she sighed heavily and continued “I need your help beta, Arjun is spoiling his life, he is into drugs, stopped going to office, he is completely ruining his life please help him Ishika” his mother completely broke down and was sobbing

“Aunty, please don’t cry, I will do what I can do, please stop worrying and don’t cry aunty ji” she asked her pleadingly

“Beta, please talk with Arjun once”

“Yes aunty, I will!”

Ishika left to Arjun’s place, as all her calls went unanswered.  

As soon as she reached Arjun’s place, she was aghast at seeing the place, it hasn’t been locked , she walked inside and the first look at his apartment shows that the place has not been cleaned for many days, this was not the Arjun she knew , she searched for Arjun, he was not in sight, and she slowly searched every place for him, but couldn’t find him, she finally went inside his bedroom, she heard someone murmuring, but couldn’t find the person, she went around and found Arjun, sleeping semi consciously on the ground like a drunken retard ,  murmuring something and he was looking like he hasn’t washed /bathed himself for many days , and beard not shaven , looking like an ape , tears started trickling down her cheeks , why is he in such a state ? , she pushed back the tears that are coming and controlled all her emotions.

She ran into the bathroom, bought some water and sprinkled on his face, he was still murmuring something and opened his eyes with so much effort, he gave a weak smile and said “See Ishi you are not even leaving me in my dreams, I love you Ishi” and he turned to the other side and dozed off, might be the effect of alcohol hasn’t left him, she cleaned up his bedroom, made a nice meal for him and was waiting for him to wake up.

He woke up after sometime and groggily walked up to his cupboard, opened it and pulled out a bottle of whiskey and was searching for something , Ishika upon seeing his action , she walked up to him hurriedly and pulled the bottle away from him. He looked cockily to see who it was, all his cockiness drained as soon he saw who the person was without even thinking for a second his hand hit hard upon her cheek, Phaaaaaaaaat!!!!

 Ishika’s eyes started to tear, in between her sobs she asked him, “why are you ruining your life Arjun?” she stopped to take a breath and continued, “Because of your inability, you yourself left me Arjun!!! There is nothing for you to spoil your life Arjun; it’s me who needs to lose senses, not you!!”

“I’m sorry Ishi, do you think I left you because, I don’t love you, situations led me to that, but the fact remains same that I love you!!” he was shouting those last words.

“Shut up!!! It is because of you everyone is suffering  , there is no need for you to spoil your life , you have already done that !!!” she shouted on top of her voice , and continued “ Arjun you have done this for your parents  , do you think your parents will be happy seeing you like this , aunty called me up and told about you , she is feeling bad for you , please Arjun stop all this !!”

“Ishi, I cannot live without you nor I cannot go against my dad”

“What can I do then? Please leave me Arjun”

“Ishi, may be my parents will accept now, can you give me one more chance” he asked her pleadingly

“Nothing is in my hands Arjun, I have been engaged” she said pointing towards her engagement ring. There was an eerie silence engulfed between them. Silence is a powerful tool to answer many questions.

That night Akash was deeply thinking and comparing between Vathsala and Ishika, there is a feel and a bond with Vathsala that is pulling him towards her, but situations are not helping him.

On the other hand Vathsala was thinking about Akash and was happy that she was strong enough not to show her emotions and has portrayed herself as a strong woman in front of Akash.

Ishika locked up herself in her room and was crying her wits out, why is everything turning out like this.

Arjun to put off his feeling and for his mind to stop working took some alcohol and collapsed on his bed unconsciously.

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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