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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-16

Chapter – 16

Vathsala was delighted and enthusiastic about the day’s work for two reasons , Firstly, it was a big project for them , it meant a lot to their organization , secondly Akash works for the same company , and it’s time for her to show what he has missed  in his life and want to see him repent  for what he has done ! but she was totally confused as of why she is so much interested in this project and caring more on her looks , he was the person who left her , and it’s all over in the past , she is not interested in him anymore , but why is she doing all this ?

She was all set and ready to leave, and for the one last time she checked herself in the mirror, she tied a golden yellow georgette saree with a perfect maroon color designer blouse and left her hair loose with small studded ear rings which goes along with the saree, it was simple yet elegant!!

She was leaving to office, when her brother called out to her

“Hey sis, your gorgeous today!! What’s up baby?” he asked her teasingly, she gave him a broad smile and was about to start her vehicle when her brother stopped her and told

“You look so happy, it’s been so many days that I have seen you smiling like this” and tapping her on the shoulder, he continued “I want you to be like this sis, Always!! Forever!!”  Saying this he left the place

She reached their office and upon checking herself in the mirror, she went inside told about her and was waiting at the reception.

Akash was the person who was assigned to take care and tell her about the company and what exactly they needed from them, Akash received a call from reception that Vathsala has arrived, and he has been preparing himself to be strong and not to be a mousy in front of her. After so much of courage, he finally went to receive her, she saw her seated in the reception, he was dumbfounded on seeing her, and he was staring at her she was exceptionally beautiful, the first word that came to him was Magnificence!! She was scrolling through a magazine deeply engrossed in an article, the lushness, dignity in her is so appealing that every person passing by was staring at her, Akash was thinking ‘She changed a lot, she is not beautiful but the elegance in her is what transferred her into a beauty .Why did I leave her?’ and was observing every gesture of hers with awestruck eyes.

Vathsala became restless and was searching for someone to call her, as she was searching her eyes fell on Akash, with a revealed expression, she walked towards him.

“Hey hi” she told him smiling


“Can you please guide me to the person who helps me here, I’ve been waiting for that person, but the person didn’t turn up yet”

“Hey it’s me, who needs to help you here around, Sorry for the delay, was struck up in small work”

“Oh that’s great!’ she said with a twinkle in her eye

“Come, let’s move” he said gesturing with his hand.

He took her into his boss’s cabin, he could see all his colleagues staring at the new girl, his blood was boiling inside, but there is nothing he could do.

“Vathsala, he is Rahul, Head of this branch”

“Rahul, she is Vathsala, the one who is going to handle the event on Women’s day”

Rahul extended his hand towards Vathsala and said “Nice to meet you”

Akash was eyeing everything with sober-mindedness’, he could sense that Rahul has started liking this girl at the first instance and was trying to gain her attention, Akash was fuming inside.

“Akash you can leave, I will guide her through everything” told Rahul

“Hey but you asked me to do that, right?” asked a surprised Akash , if he was in his previous mind set , he would have left everything to Rahul , but now at any cost he was not in a position to leave her , some feeling towards her is pulling him towards her.

“Yeah, but I’m free today, I will help her, you carry on with your work” told Rahul, trying to convince Akash

“No probs Rahul, even I’m free, I will do” told Akash firmly

Rahul understood that Akash was not going to give away, so he let him in.
“Ok, you guys carry on, Will catch you sometime later” he said to both of them and they left his cabin.

As they left the place, she saw his face and understood that he was angry for some reason, she looked him into the eye, for a moment there eyes met and left.

“So why are you angry?” asked Vathsala

“How do you know that?” asked Akash who was taken aback at the sudden question

She pointed towards his eyes , “Those told that you are angry” after that no one spoke a word , both of them are thinking about their first meet , going back and reminding each and every aspect of it again and again , reliving the moment in their thoughts !!!

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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