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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-19

Chapter – 19

Akash watched as Vathsala was leaving the place, the mere thought that he can’t see her again, sent chills through his spine, he ran after Vathsala and shouted “Hey Vathsala stop”

She turned towards him with a question mark on her face, “what happened Akash?”

“Nothing, Mohan has come?” he asked her

“No, he got stuck up in some work, he asked me to leave” she answered

“How are you leaving?” he inquired her more

“Will hire some taxi or auto, that’s not an issue Akash” she answered him smiling

“If you don’t mind, Can I drop you?” he asked her genially

“Seriously?” asked Vathsala she asked him with a surprised look

“Why not?” he questioned her

“Nothing” she answered and he continued “so can I?” he asked her with a pleasing look

“No Akash, I will manage”

“Please Vathsala, Don’t I have the privilege of dropping you at home?” he asked her pleadingly

“Akash, but…” she was about to say something, but changed her mind and told “Yes” he jumped with joy and thanked her a lot

“Hey Thanks a lot Vathsala, you please wait near gate 2, I will come there” he jumped with joy and left the place.

‘He is so childish’ she thought to herself and left to Gate 2.

He has come to the gate 2 with his car and they left the place, no one spoke for some time, in the background some melodies are being run and Vathsala sat back on to the seat and closed her eyes, relaxing. He saw her, her face was depicting innocence but she was not! She knew how to handle everything, but still that freshness, pureness, innocence dominated everything, he felt like kissing her on the forehead at that instant, he wanted to take her face into his hands and wanted to swim deeply in her eyes, exploring her every thought! But his morals backed him off!

“Vathsala” Akash called her

“Ha Akash”


“Yes, off late I’m being stressed a lot”

“Then why do you stop stressing yourself a lot “

“It keeps my mind shut from unnecessary thoughts Akash, I’m happy like this”

“Thoughts like?” he prodded her more, he want to learn more about her

“Nothing Akash, some sort of personal things” she said with the wave of dismissal

“Vathsala, can I ask you something?” he asked her pacing towards the road.

“ha Akash , what?”She asked

“Meeting me  now after the incident, what were your feelings?”
“Nothing Akash, but after that incident, I felt like I want to ask you people what was the reason you cancelled the marriage, coz we heard dual reasons for that one that you are not interested second was dowry, I felt that you liked me , at that time I really felt like asking you really that you didn’t like me, but now I feel like I don’t need any answers for that. It hurts to know the reason behind that, so haven’t asked you anything Akash”

“Don’t you want to know the reason now?” he asked her

“If you wish you can” she told, but deep down she knew that it’s gonna hurt her a lot

“I thought you were ambitious and money minded Vathsala, but that was not the reason I backed off, there was a feeling in me which made me think that you are the only one for me , I haven’t told anyone like this , except you Vathsala , My dad called me and told that they have cancelled but never asked me what was my opinion but thought that I didn’t like you , First I thought it was all infatuation and didn’t mind but later I understood , that you are the one , I never had the guts to tell him my mind , and later I came to know that he backed off because he wanted dowry , which cannot be afforded by your dad , but before I can do anything , I have been engaged , there is nothing I could do , I was a coward to fight with my dad Vathsala” his voice was calm and serene , she could sense the sincerity in his voice , she could feel his warmth ,affection and sincerity in his voice , she closed her eyes , a tear drop tried to escape from her eyes , but she managed not to show her feelings to him , coz he is now engaged , she cannot disrupt the feelings of another girl , and let another girl undergo the same agony she went through!

“Akash stop the car here, I will go , it very near from here”

“I will drop you at home Vathsala”

“No Akash, please stop here” her voice very stern, he did as told

Now it’s time for Akash and Ishika’s wedding!  Amidst all these events and happenings, discreetly was arriving their wedding day, everyone was getting busy with their marriage works, except the required people, who need to be busy with their marriage schedule - The Bride and the Bridegroom  , who are in their own far off distant land.

Akash after that incident actually tried to meet Vathsala many times, and if she is ready for marriage with him, then he wanted to cancel his engagement with Ishika, but he failed to get any information from her or what she wanted to do, so he left everything in the hands of destiny.

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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