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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-20

Chapter 20

As their wedding day was approaching, everyone was getting busy with marriage works. Marriage is one of the biggest celebration in one’s life which can happen only once, which every girl and guy dreams off!, Especially in India , marriage is a dream as well as it brings upon all the cultures and traditions , bonding up people  of two different families into one . One fine day Akash’s dad called up Ishika’s Dad

“Namaste ji” told Ishika’s dad

“Ha ji, How are you” asked Akash’s dad

“I’m fine, how are you?” asked Ishika’s dad

“Are you free today, I want to meet you once” his voice was very deep; Ishika’s dad sensed that something went wrong.

“Ha ji , where shall we meet ?” asked Ishika’s dad

Ishika’s dad was worried ,because Akash’s dad voice was very stern and deep , he sensed something was wrong ,he was worried because his business was in a deep loss , he is somehow managing all the expenses regarding his daughter marriage ,  now any other expenses might lead him to more debt and he cannot manage that or  another question that is making him more worried was , did Akash’s family learnt about his situation and is he now coming to cancel the marriage , he was frazzling , he didn’t find an answer , No one at home knows about his failing business, because that might spoil the happiness at his home , even he was unaware how his 100 crore turn over business has been killed and led him into bankruptcy. He is preparing himself for the consequences. Hoping for the best and fingers crossed, he was waiting for Akash’s dad

They both met at Ishika’s place, her father received Akash’s Father and they went inside his private room and closed the doors behind them.
“So what was it you wanted to talk with me?” Ishika’s dad asked his father

“Ha nothing ji, we heard that you business is very low nowadays” he asked him casually, but his words hit her father straight

“It’s nothing big, it happens in business right” Ishika’s Father said casually, trying to smoothen out the tension that is building up between them.

“Ha.. You are right” he gave a pause and continued  “ actually Akash is having a dream of buying BMW ,  so I thought I can ask you , as you can afford it easily”

Ishika’s dad made his eyes big and couldn’t digest the fact that he has come to demand more dowry, if his business was running well, he could have given me in the nest instant, but now, how can he afford that? How to manage this extra burden? He has already given a huge sum as dowry and now again this!!

Ishika’s Father tried to persuade him that he will later present his son in law with all those gifts, so asked him to continue with the marriage proceedings, Akash’s dad was persistence that he should give the dowry before the marriage date and giving his final statement he left the place.

Upon reaching his place he told his family, i.e. his wife and son about everything and told Akash not to worry about anything and he will take care.

Akash was raging with anger listening to his dad, he is angry on his own dad, couldn’t even shout at him, and what is he thinking about his son, is he an item to be sold off at a price. He wanted to shout at him; because of him he lost the girl he wants to spend his entire life. Why is his dad doing this? Doesn’t he know he is playing with his son’s emotions? It was turmoil inside him, but he didn’t let out a single word, he stared angrily at his dad, and left the place. He took out his mobile and dialed a number. Now it’s time for him to get into action, keeping aside his coyness, it’s time for him to fight for what he desired.

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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