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Friday, 9 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-10

Chapter -10

Vathsala and Akash

“Bhayya, so how was everything?” asked Vathsala

“Fine Vaths, They were so sweet , we totally liked the way they received us , you will definitely feel at home , you know what Akash has been calling me continuously to know our whereabouts , they are so simple and sweet”

“Oh...” Vathsala has no words on what to say, she was happy but something is lingering in her sub conscious memory which is pulling her back from her complete happiness, not letting her to enjoy her moment of happiness!

Vathsala’s parents left to meet the priest to discuss about the possible dates for their engagement, the priest upon seeing their astrology, has decided upon a date and informed the same to her parents.

Vathsala’s dad upon noting the date called to Akash’s Father to inform the same.
“Hello” Akash’s Dad answered the call.

“Hello ji”

“I have called to inform you that we have consulted the priest and he told that next month 4th is good for engagement, so what do you think”

“Oh...” there was a type of frigidity in his voice, Vathsala’s dad sensed that and asked him “Is it ok with you?”

“Akash is still in dilemma about marriage ji , that is what I’m thinking about”

“Do you mean he is not interested in marriage?”

“No not like that, he is asking for some time”

Vathsala’s dad was speechless, after going through all this procedures, now they are talking like this? What happened?

“I will get back to you again” Akash’s father told this and disconnected the call.

As soon as he disconnected the call, the one who showed this match called Vathsala’s dad and told like this

“They are expecting a dowry of 40 lakhs and a lot goes along with this.” Told the match maker and he continued “are you ready for this?”

Vathsala’s dad was thrown off guard. What is this person saying? Is it real? Akash’s father told him that Akash was not ready and he is saying like this, what is true? What happened? There are many questions running in his mind, trying to get possible reasons, but he couldn’t get any.

Ishika and Arjun

Arjun has been trying to convince his dad about them, but his dad wasn’t accepting them, he couldn’t understand the reason why his dad is denying for their marriage, may be caste is the main reason, but even in today’s day why is he thinking about caste and all, it’s frustrating him, on the other hand he needs to answer Ishika and her family. Ishika has been constantly asking him about his parent’s reaction and what will be the consequences, but he failed to answer her.

In the meanwhile, she received a call from Arjun‘s sister, actually Arjun has no siblings but he considered his senior from college as his best friend and as a sister.
Ishika was surprised to get a call from her

“Hello di , How are you”

“Hi Ishi , I’m fine , are you free now , I need to talk with you”

“yes di , im free”

“Hey what are you guys up to Ishi?”

“Di...What do you mean?”

“Do you love each other?”

“Yes di”

“Then get married first, later on you can think about parents acceptance”

“Di..” she was surprised

“Ishi , Arjun’s parents are not accepting to your marriage , you cannot leave each other , so better you get married , and later things will be ok”

“Di.. am sorry to say like this , but I am not interested in such type of thing , not only me even Arjun”

“Then no one can help you Ishi”she continued, “even he is not ready to do this, and you are not ready, only God can help you people, Bye Ishi”

Ishika was staring at her mobile in surprise; she was not able to digest the words told by her, Tears found its way out from her eyes!

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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