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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-8

Chapter -8

Akash and Vathsala

How much ever we develop or think that we are developed and live in a modernized day and modernized country, our thinking and ideologies may change but the fact remains the same that , in few things we are still the same and also will be the same ! This is not to criticize people but the fact is that, we take up all the bad from the west and try to imitate them, rather than taking the good that is being implemented there.

In the same way in Indian marriages, dowry plays a vital role! We do hear many stories that people killing their daughter –in-law /wife for dowry, as there is another side to a coin, there are people who are against dowry and treat their daughter-in-law as their own daughter. Now it’s time for Vathsala, Every Indian girl has to undergo this phase, in their life, be it an arranged /love marriage.

Vathsala’s dad and her uncle, who is close to her dad, are discussing the same.

“So are you all set to satisfy their demands, if any?”Asked her uncle

“Hmm, I need to arrange that, I have some amount ready, but we are yet to know their demands right?”

“I Think they are against all such things” interrupted her mother in between their talk

“Why do you think so?” asked Vathsala’s Father

“I think his father is not such type of guy?”

“What makes you think so? They may ask or they may not, we can never judge them because of their quite nature. Anyways I’m just warning you people to be ready for anything tomorrow , we may never know what will happen and also my sincere advice is do not leave this match at any cost , this will be the best match for her.” Concluded her uncle

Her father just nodded his head in anticipation and was lost in his own thoughts, thinking about the pros and cons of to what extent they can go or they cannot go.

Vathsala who doesn’t know all these things was in her own world with Akash and their future, dreaming about how it will be, counting the days when she can again see him, the mere thought of him is sending shivers through her spine.

On the other hand her parents are worried about tomorrows meet with Akash’s parents. And the main agenda in it is DOWRY !

Ishika and Arjun

Ishika and Arjun met at their regular spot, she was bursting with excitement, on what happened on the previous night.

“Arjun tell me fast what happened yesterday”

“Everything went well; there is nothing you need to be worried of, chill baby”

“Tell me in full detail Arjun”

“Nothing much, we spoke about everything, had a real good time with your bro! You know what I love my brother in law too!” he winked at her cheesily

“Oh, I thought you love me, then you cheated upon me” and she continued “Thank god he helped me from not marrying a gay” she made a face at him

“OK Ishi, now let’s leave that” he continued in a serious tone “I need to tell you something”

“What” she asked him suspiciously
“Actually , Rohit is asking me to come to your house and talk with  your parents once , but before that I want to talk with my parents  , discuss with them and come to your house along with them , I couldn’t tell Rohit this because , he might think I’m back stepping”

“But at least come and talk with Mom Arjun”

“Yeah, even I want to, but before that, I want my parent’s acceptance, suppose if I come now and talk, then what if my parents are against  this ,we need to think about everything  right?”

“What do you mean Arjun?”

“Be Practical Ishi , please , I’m just telling the pros and cons that’s it , but it will just take around a week or two before I come up to your parents along with my parents , that’s it”

“I don’t know what to tell Arjun, your wish.”

“My dear Ishi, Trust me!” he pulled her cheeks and continued “SMILEEEEEE”

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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