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Friday, 9 May 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-9

Chapter -9

Vathsala and Akash

Everyone at Vathsala’s home was busy getting things for Akash’s Family, who will be going to their house today. Everyone was tensed, because this will be the final meet and everything’s going to be decided today!

So all set for them leave to Akash’s place, Akash was incessantly calling Mohan on their whereabouts, and to know their situation. Mohan and Akash turned out to be good buddies in a very less span of time. Vathsala’s family reached Akash’s place. Akash’s family received everyone with so much of amiability and gentleness. Vathsala’s Mom and Dad were so happy on their thoughtfulness and were very happy for their daughter.

Everyone was seated in the living room and were discussing about all the worldly issues except the topic which needed to be discussed the most. Akash’s mom asked Vathsala’s mom to see their house, and took her into the kitchen,

“Is Vathsala alone at home?” asked Akash’s mom

“Ha yes ji” answered Vathsala’s mom

“How is she? Waiting for her to step into our house” told Akash’s mom, Vathsala’s mom smiled and couldn’t answer anything, any mother’s dream would be seeing her children happy and for their bright future, there were no words for her to answer because her daughter is going to get such a sweet mother in law.

Akash sister Swathi entered into the kitchen who was Pregnant told her mom that, “My son is the first one to see his aunt” told Swathi gently placing a hand on her stomach.

Meanwhile in the living room, all the males are discussing about the possible dates for engagement and marriage.

“Swathi is pregnant so we better have engagement now and after her delivery let’s decide upon a marriage date” proposed Akash’s father

“Ha ji , as you say , we shall consult a priest and inform you about the dates”

Meanwhile, Akash and Mohan went outside and were having their own little talk

“Mohan, Is she alone at home now?” asked Akash

“Ha yes”

“So she wants to study further?”

“Ha Akash, she wants to study further, she is a merit student”

“Oh that’s great so, why don’t you let her study?”

“It’s my dad’s wish, I cannot do anything”

“Oh...”  Akash was in a deep thought, which was broken by Swathi’s husband

“Hey Mohan hi” he gave him a high-five and asked Akash “Hey where are you man?”
“Nothing, when did you come?” asked Akash

“Just now, uncle told that you were here so came to meet you guys” he turned towards Mohan and asked “So what type of relation do u expect from your sister’s husband”

“Well, we should be close enough and best buddies” he said staring at Akash

“You know what we both share such type of relation” Swathi’s husband said turning towards Akash

“Great !” Mohan said

Vathsala’s family was all happy and were on cloud nine, they were all happy for one person “VATHSALA”

Ishika and Arjun

Finally Arjun has revealed about his love to his parents. Indian Parents psychology when their children falls in love is the same old melo-drama we are seeing from the past.

Arjun who is close to his dad, revealed to him that he loves Ishika, and told a lot about Ishika and her family in order to seduce his dad into accepting their marriage.

Arjun’s dad listened to every word told by Arjun, and without letting out any word, his father left the place, leaving behind Arjun, who was waiting for a response.

“Dad” he shouted, His father left the place without even looking back at Arjun.

Ishika who was waiting for Arjun’s call couldn’t wait any longer and dialed his number.

“Hey Arjun, what happened” she shouted into her mouth piece
“Yes dear, told my dad about us, awaiting an response from him”
“He didn’t tell anything?”
“Nope not even a single word”

“Arjun...”Her voice went low

“Ishi, don’t worry, this was our initial step, it will take some time for them to accept right? My parents are from village background, it takes some time for them to accept; now you don’t worry Ok?”

“Love you Arjun”

“I too Love you Ishi” 

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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