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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-23


WEDDING BELLS!!!  <3 <3 <3 <3

It’s time for wedding!!! The place was so serene with the beautiful chants of the mantras said by the priest along with his pupils, it’s so calm and peaceful, showering divinity everywhere, Vathsala was seated in one corner of the auditorium her eyes closed and concentrating on the chants of manthras ,her face was depicting peace and tranquility. Some ritual was being done in the procedure and very few guests were present, Vathsala sat all by herself, enjoying the peacefulness prevailing in her as well as her surroundings.

As he entered the auditorium, he saw the board that has been hung outside the hall in bold letters, it read:


Akash’s heart was at ease and happiness on seeing the board, because he has helped in uniting a couple and because of his decision he has not hurt anyone but it turned out to be good for everyone except his dad. He walked inside, as the hall was empty, he immediately spotted Vathsala in that less gathering and went towards her.

“What’s up Vathsala?” he asked her and pulled a chair

“Hey hi Akash” she said smiling

“So how are things going here?” he asked her

“Yep, everything is running smooth; there is some ritual being performed so I came here to see that”

“Seems like you are enjoying a lot”
“I like this tranquility that prevails in marriages, and those Vedic chants which gives a kind of vibrations and inner peace, close your eyes and listen to those chants , concentrate on that and not on anything else that’s happening around you , even you can feel that” she told him

“Cool Vaths” he looked at her with eyes full of admiration and he continued “so you like weddings?”

“I told I like those chants in wedding” she clarified giving him a wicked grin
A small girl has come up to them and told “Vassshla di, Ishi di is calling you”
Akash burst out into laughter, Vathsala turned towards “why are you laughing?”

“Nothing Vasssshla , you carry on” he told imitating the small girl , continuing with his laughter, Vathsala turned red and was looking at him angrily

“Hey you know what, your nose, it turns pink when you are angry, making you look cuter” he continued teasing her

“You….” She pretended that she was angry “Will get back to you soon, bye for now Mr. Akash” she told and left

After she has left the place, Akash tried to do what Vathsala has told him, he closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on the chants.

Ishika was dressing up, she was all excited, after all the struggle, she is now going to marry the man of her dreams , she sat opposite to the mirror , beautician was tying up her hair and giving her the final strokes of touch up to her makeup. Vathsala entered her room and was seeing Ishika blushing , she was gorgeous , there was a tinge of happiness and all the shyness in her , every Indian girl undergoes this phase of her life , which will be marvelous , and the moment which can be cherished all through her life.

“Looking awesome, Arjun will be awestruck on the stage seeing you” Vathsala said winking at her sheepishly
“Di….” Her cheeks turned red, showing the pride of being a bride : -)

“Now now stop blushing dear, Arjun has to see you like this, he might get confused whether you’re his Ishika or not” she was teasing her

“Di… I’m really thankful to you, you made my day, really!!!” she hugged her tightly and said “I might never get a chance again to thank you, Love you di..” tears started to roll down her cheeks

“Ishi , now stop it dear please…. Happy Married life” she told and gently placed a kiss on her cheek.

Vathsala has taken the bride on to the stage, she was on stage along with the bride and bride groom, enjoying and helping them. There was a ritual in Hindu Marriages  were the bride and bride groom plays two games , one was finding out the ring in a vessel , Vathsala was supporting Ishika and Akash was supporting Arjun , It was all fun and frolic and everyone was enjoying their marriage ceremony to the core , finally it’s time for them to leave to the bride groom’s house , Ishika’s face went red and tears started rolling down her cheeks , she hugged her family members and started her new life , a new beginning with her love , Love of her life !!

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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