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Friday, 13 June 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-24


It’ Time To Party Now <3 <3 <3

Ishika and Arjun arranged a post wedding party for the youngsters , their friends and cousins in a local pub , as we all know the chiefs guests were obviously Vathsala and Akash.

Akash went to Vathsala’s home to pick her, today he has decided to propose her at any cost , he wanted to express his feelings he was waiting for the apt day , and he thought it was the perfect occasion.  He saw her coming out of her house, she was wearing her trademark plain saree with a border and designer blouse, It was plain dark pink saree with a black lace border and the blouse designed exclusively for the saree, and a black thread type necklace with a black jumkis , which goes along with the saree. He was surprised to see her in her attire, after all it was a pub and everyone there will be in western attire, but Vathsala was in her trademark saree.

“Hey Vaths, It’s a pub, and you wearing a saree??” he asked her in a surprised tone opening the car door

“I prefer saree Akash, but I think it’s not too traditional, right? It goes well with the pub attire? She asked him while taking her place, he slightly nodded his head

“Yeah, but you might be the odd one there, even Ishika will be in her casuals I think”

“It’s ok Akash, I’m Unique” she said mockingly to him

“Arey….” He tried to tell something but just gave her a broad smile

They reached the place on time, Ishika and Arjun received Vathsala and Akash with delight and contentment, and the party has begun.

Vathsala and Akash were seated in one corner of the hall and sipping their drinks, tapping their feet to the music. In the middle of everything the lights went off and their came the actual DJing and with round neon lights dancing, everyone was going hyper, even Akash started to tap for the music along with the others on the dance floor.

Vathsala was still glued to her place enjoying the atmosphere , suddenly out of nowhere he came to Vathsala and pulled her on stage , at first she couldn’t do , but later on even she was engrossed in the dance , then the DJ changed the number to  a Slow beat , everyone started to pair , Akash pulled Vathsala by her waist and took her hand  , he was making her to do Ball dance , he pulled her close to him by waist and hand , their were very close , close enough that Vathsala can hear his breath , Akash was pulling her more and more  towards him , Vathsala was staring at him without any expressions , her heart was beating at a faster rate , she knew what will happen in the next minute , but her body went numb , she was not able to react , he pulled her more close  , at this instant their lips brushed against each other , Vathsala tried to move away from his grip but she couldn’t , she was trying , all of a sudden , everything blacked out in the hall , Vathsala was trying her best to loosen his grip and run away before the lights went on , Akash left his grip , relieving her , she backed out and was trying to merge with the group , Then a focus light came and it fell straight on her, she was shocked , ‘What is happening?’ she thought for a second  and was standing there in the focus light without any movement  awestruck.

“Hey Miss Vathsala , stop worrying” came a voice over the mike , she could recognize it , it was Akash

“Sorry to embarrass you, but I need a minute from you Miss” he continued, everyone was ooing and awing at his words, she was there searching for him , but couldn’t , all the focus was on her. There came another focus light, which has been focusing on Akash, he was walking towards her.

“Vathsala … “he started his voice was soft, calm and serene “Everyone needs love in their Life,   You know what I found my love in you!!

The very first day I have seen you but things were different , you knew everything , You know what , the best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more , that gives a spark in our heart , which makes us feel that , Yes this is the person I want in my life !! The same happened to me but it was When I have lost you !

After all the things that has happened , It makes sense to me now that ,It has all happened for a reason , but now nothing will happen , if you accept me , Let us unite in love , For the love , which we have brutally killed , which is now in our hands” he paused and looked towards her , she was looking down , Ishika and Arjun came by Akash ‘s side and gave him a bouquet of Red Roses , He walked towards her and continued “ Vathsala what more to say , You are my breath , you are my soul , there is no place for anyone except you in my life” He was now near her and was on his knees  , giving her the roses “You are my only reason to live Vathsala  I LOVE YOU” there was a roar of applause from all the guests.

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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