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Monday, 16 June 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-25


There was an eerie silence prevailing in the room, everyone was waiting for Vathsala’s Answer, Akash’s heart was racing, what will she say, will she accept? Ishika came by her side ,placed her hand on her shoulder , “Di…” she called her , Vathsala didn’t move , her mind was a turmoil , she likes Akash , ‘but what about our families ? Will they accept? What about her Father?’

Akash was still on his knees, he told her “I know you love me Vathsala, Please accept my Love” Everyone in the room started to shout “Vathsala Vathsala”, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes, she opened her eyes and took the bouquet from him without uttering a single word, There was a huge roar of applause, Akash stood on his legs and hugged her tightly, there was no bound for his happiness, forgetting his surroundings, he lifted her up in the air and started whirling around , Arjun opened a champagne bottle “ For the people who united our love , and this is for their love” he shouted loudly into the speaker .

Everyone came and congratulated the new couple; it was past midnight by the time they left the party, Akash and Vathsala were now all alone, there was an awkward silence between them; it was the first time they were alone after Akash has proposed her.

“Vaths…” he called her, she turned towards him “You haven’t said those three precious words” he said making a sad face “I’m Waiting” he told

“Akash I want to ask you something” she told softly

His car screeched to a halt, “What” he asked her surprised

“Do you think our parents will agree for our marriage, I cannot deny my parents Akash” she told him

“Vaths , You just say yes and the rest will be handled by me , I will not leave you now at any cost , You are my everything Vaths , Forever and Ever” he told placing his hand on her hand , holding it tight and giving her an assurance .

He got down from the car and went to Vathsala‘s side opened her door and asked her to get down, she has done as told. He took her into the centre of road, as it was past midnight there were no vehicles on the road, Vathsala was staring at him with shocked expression, and he stretched his hands and shouted “Vathsalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

She pulled him towards the car forcefully, “Akash come, let’s go it’s getting late!” she shouted

“NO! I won’t, tell me those three words, I’m waiting for that, or else I won’t move from here.” He told

“Akash, First let’s ask our parents” she said, he pulled her close to him, “Vathsala, there is no need of our parents, it’s you and me who need to think about this”

“But you knew what has happened with our families?” she asked him

“Yeah Vaths , that was because of my cowardliness , now I’m not that Akash anymore , I’m changed , I will fight for you , YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING !!!!”He shouted and continued, “Look into my eyes, you knew well what they say” she was looking down, he raised her hand, There eyes met, no one spoke; only silence was ruling the place.

“Akash………, I LOVE YOU” she said softly, looking deep into his eyes, his eyes became watery, they are trying to escape from his eye, he hugged her again, he released her, cupped her face in his hands and told “I’ve been waiting for this moment for very long Vaths , I’m the most luckiest man on this earth , I got you Vathsala”  he pulled her and they both where whirling round and round , Vathsala was laughing at his Actions , he was doing all kinds of actions in happiness , running ,dancing ,pulling her what not every action done by a child ,she pulled his cheeks and said “ You are a kid Akash” caressing his hair , “I always want to be your first child Vathsala , I want to be pampered by you Vathsala” she gave him a broad smile.

“Come let’s go” she told

“No , I want this moment to be like this forever , you and me that’s it , nobody else in this world” he said taking her hand and gently placing a peck on her hand. She hugged him , placing her head on his chest and closed her eyes , relieving of all the pain she had gone through , she was at ease , now erasing all the burden.

It’s Wedding Time - <3 <3 <3

Now it’s time for Akash and Vathsala’s wedding, even though their parents were a bit stubborn at first later on they gave in, seeing the bond between Akash and Vathsala.

Akash was seated in the bridegroom’s position, Vathsala entered the stage in her bride’s attire, and Akash was staring at her queen with happiness and the beauty with simplicity.  The moment they awaited for, the moment they thought will never arrive has finally arrived, the blind cloth between them has been removed and they both looked into each other’s eyes placing the jaggery paste on each other’s head , they are deeply engrossed in themselves , they could only hear the chants from the priests , a tear drop escaped from Vathsala’s eye , it was out of happiness , A happiness which has no bounds but only can be experienced !!

Well here comes the story to an end!! And they lived happily!!

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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