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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Marriages 'Made in India' , by Lohita Poosarla Chapter-22

Chapter – 22

“Heyyyyy Vathsala!!! What happened? I’ve been waiting for you madam!” Akash was pouring out his expressions, without letting Vathsala to tell what has happened.

“Will you please let me compose myself?”

“Yeah yeah sorry” and motioned her with his hands to take her place.
She has taken a seat opposite to him and told him “Akash now there is a bigger task than this to solve this problem” and gulped in water leaving him in a state of shock

“What do you mean Vaths?” draining his smile from his face

“Yeah Akash , I have told them everything and after listening to this they were flabbergasted at first , but I somehow managed them , they had totally agreed with me , her dad has totally accepted to break this engagement , after her dad has told that to me , that girl asked me to come aside and told me that , she loves someone else and the guy has totally spoiled his life , ruining everything , she asked me to talk with his parents and her parents about their marriage and also her dad might demand all the dowry back , will your dad give it back?” she sighed heavily after telling him what has happened and placed her hand on her forehead.

“What to do Akash? Actually I’m not afraid in handling this, but….” She was about to continue something, then Akash motioned with his hand to stop and he continued, “I’m there for you Vaths , I’m gonna handle this now , dont worry”

“But how?”

“I have an idea Vaths”


“Let’s spilt this task, I will handle the guys parents, you handle Ishika’s parents right and the problem gets solved.”

“What about the dowry?”

“I will tell my dad to give that back, if he protests I will tell him that, I will complain to women protection cell”

“mmmm , sounds good and easy , but we need to implement that properly, right?”

“Vathsalaa” he called her softly, she looked at him “We can do it dear”

At Akash’s place.

“Dad it’s enough what you have done with my life!!! Please give them back the dowry!!” Akash was literally shouting at his dad

“Son, its none of your business!!! You marry the girl whom I have decided that’s it” equally shouted his dad

“Have you gone mad dad? They wanted to cancel this marriage!!! Do you think they will still proceed with this marriage? You know why they have cancelled this??? Because money is what you wanted to have, but not my happiness. You have killed my happiness but still I will leave it to you!!!” he looked at his dad who was looking with wide eyes at him and he continued “You anyhow don’t want my happiness, please give them back the money they gave or else the situations might change dad!” he said that with a sharp voice and left the place without listening to what his dad was saying.

Authored by:
Lohita Poosarla

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