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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

PRESS RELEASE: The Poet & his Valentine

The Poet & his Valentine has been a bestselling title on both Amazon India and Infibeam even before its formal release here in India. The most significant part of this incident lies in the fact that this book has been sold exceptionally well over Amazon’s existing online outlets in U.S., U.K. and in Europe! The Poet & His Valentine is a collection of verses, penned by the promising poetess Ananya Chatterjee from Calcutta, catering to different facets of life. Many of the verses deal with human emotions, yet others talk about how the surrounding nature influences human beings. Her poems are inherently optimistic and carry a rhythmic undertone. The verses are easy to relate to and every reader will find peace and solace in their lyrical core. They range through the feelings of hope, dejection, anxiety, ecstasy, repentance, anger, to name a few. A few of them are prosaic in nature and convey poignant tales.
There is a prostitute who fears the advent of middle age; a bird who mourns the loss of her home; a group of humans who rejoice the murder of an ailing lion, a suicidal vagrant brought to his senses by a young orphan, a young girl insecure in her love life, an artist screaming for solitude, a home maker rediscovering the letters from her first love, another homemaker struggling through her husband’s treachery, a woman discovering love at the autumn of her life and last but not the least, there is the poet who sees all, senses everything and then hurries back home to plunge into the world of Poetry and find his ultimate peace therein. Throughout the globe, feelings of love, kindness and compassion need to be rescued from possible extinction. The Poet & His Valentine strives to achieve this mission.

Shambhabi – The Third Eye Imprint is proud to publish the talented poetess Ananya Chatterjee from Calcutta, and the book is expected to release on 12th of June, 2014. Pre-order your copy now for the lowest available rate on Infibeam, and win a chance to receive an author-signed copy:

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