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Monday, 23 June 2014

The Unknown Equation by Hejal Mehta, Part-1

25 September,2011 22.15 hours.
I reached the grounds with a friend. It was awkward first wearing those traditional clothes but it all disappeared reaching crowds. The night was a bit dark, the lights were alluring. People were there to flaunt, not money but their colourful, rich, vivid, and vibrant clothes. The ground was ablazed with lights, the girls were inflamed and I was reddened gazing them.
It was my first visit to Gujarat and I was lucky to see Navratri. My father’s friend resided in Ahmadabad after shifting from Mumbai. Dad and I had some business deals which led me there.
I was not in my senses and my ears had ceased to function. The music were on and I was intoxicated for the first time without alcohol or drugs. Unquestionably better than any Bollywood or night parties in Bombay.
We had a glass of chaach (buttermilk), and the 'dandiya' began. Genuinely I didn't enjoy much as I felt lame seeing others managing that 'dandiya' with the dance. After all I only knew to dance in rave parties. I decided to stand aside and watch them.
I removed a fag to smoke and it never lit. What I saw was the awesome complexity of the universe. The night had already chuffed me and now the girl. I saw her noticing me and I went after her till she took me through the crowds. She was no more a desire but a need. I was never after a girl. I was married to alcohol.
She was exquisite and I was pleased as punch. She had already driven me insane and I forgot of my mere existence.
And then I caught her never wanting to leave.I asked if she would come with me. She winked.
Was I in love?my brain asked the haywired heart?
Yes I was.This was too lame.
We ended up in a local hotel room.
"I love you" ,I told her.
And she gave a shy smile.
I went near her to kiss. She was too flavored. Her lips tasted a fresh strawberry. I was lost.I reached her backless top to undress.Her curves were spendiferous. I asked her why she didn't meet me before?
"Life is too short",she answered.
Her hairs laid on my chest. She smelled like a rose.And I felt never going back to my life.
I kissed her all over again. Her ravishing eyes wanted more. I reached for her skirt and in no time she was satisfied. Her shrill sound gave voice to my feelings. I felt stiff and narcotized by her tensile pull. I bitched cocaine for never making feel like this before.
I had fallen into a deep torpor. I didn't knew when I dozed off.

I got up in the hotel room and I noticed thousands of missed calls in my cell. I didn't bother to notice them,but her absence was a pain in the neck.I searched for her but she was nowhere. I was broken,she could have even left her number to find her.
I recalled what she told me yesterday. She lived in the bungalow near the lake.
I was as happy as a lark and finally decided to take her with me,for she gave herself to me last night.
I reached the bungalow as it only existed.
The place was demolished,reduced to nothing.
"She mocked at me?Was she only interested in sex?She cheated on me"I roiled at the fact.
There was an old man sitting under a ravaged hut.I asked him if the girl with curly hair lived there.
"She killed herself ten years ago",He coughed.
Love never existed for me. I remarried alcohol again.

I used to not shave my beard for like weeks..Ugly and creepy I had become,but I didn't care.

Months passed but I couldn't forget her face,the night still haunts me. I had been googling whether ghosts exists and the negative answers rose the curiosity inside me.I talked with my friends about and they thought I had turned a junkie. My mind had already became a haunted house finding answers for things I wondered worth thinking for myself or not.


My parents felt I was brainsick. I would talk to nobody, forget about going to office. Most of the time I would sit at the beach and read Stephen Hawking book-'The Grand Design' about the universe.The normal acquaintance with some non normal thing had scuffed me to read these awesome philosophies.
I had never been so pre-occupied with nature before.Understanding universe is bemusing and conflicting with what is TRUE and still finding yourself in a maze.
Bliss it was for me.
'Thanks to the ghost girl'
And so Science is better than commerce,I finally accepted. Its difficult for a corporate person to say that.
Ultimately it was a quench to find her...

Written by:
Hejal Mehta

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