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Just Saying

Thursday, 24 July 2014

And... my heart skipped few more beats. By- HAC

She removed her top and her purple lingerie made my heart pump fast. The shape of her bosoms made two most beautiful moons for the Pluto of my lust.

She came and sat on my three legs, altogether. Our hearts were inches away, so were our eyes, so was the time on the clock for our first kiss of the day, and so was my pre-cum.

"Wear something please," I removed my blue Nike tee and passed it to her. She wore it.

Her Love was always over sized. She always wore my t-shirts to make it even.

I could see my heart vibrating my chest's skin. She noticed it and placed her cold hand on it. It started beating swiftly, as if it belonged to her palms and it wanted to come out and rest on the bed of her palm with the blanket of her fingers. "Are you in Love?" She asked.

"Every night you put your hand on my heart and ask the same question. I never answer, don't you feel sad?"

"You answer me four times. Once, when your heartbeat fluctuates when I ask it. Next, your lips, some invisible force stretch your cheeks and makes you smile. And rest two are these eyes, they close themselves for a while, and when you open them again I get a much more clear picture of me in you." She leaned forward held my hand and put it under HER tee on the arch she made on her back.

"Aren't" <smooched> "We" <smooched> "Making <smooched> "love"<smooched> "tonight?" <smooched>

"Obviously, we are," I rolled up HER tee.

"Then why you made me wear your tee?" She asked .

"Because, you," <smooched> "look hot," <smooched> "in m," <smooched> "y tees." <smooched> "And I love the part where we remove each others clothes.

"You are jerk." She said and held my hand in order to lift it upper on her body.

And... my heart skipped few more beats.

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