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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending, Jyoti Jangir.... Chapter-1

Circle of Love is Never Ending.... Chapter 1

"Sanaya, tere mann mein ladoo foote aand Varun ke kismat foote....!!"  everyone roared laughing. "Shut up! I'm gonna kick you. Firstly you are late on your best friend's wedding and secondly instead of pacifying my nervousness, you are mocking at me. Go to hell, I'm not talking to you." Sanaya sat back on her chair, hands folded, lips protruding, a typical kid pretending to br angry.

"I'm sorry Sanaya. I was jst trying to calm you down. I knoe you're hell nervous so was trying to be a lil kiddo yaar. But it seems I just elevated your nervousness further. Chuck this. Tell me why are you nervous?"  Sanaya was now looking at Priya with utter numbness. Priya and Sanaya are childhood friends. They have been together more than a decade.  They are often referred as soul sisters and indeed they are more than sisters with different blood group. Priya held her hand and said "Sweetheart, Varun and you have been together for five years and more importantly you both are so much in love with each other. There is no point why you should be all nervous and paranoid. Without a shadow of doubt you both eill make a terrific couple." The last sentence automatically brought a smile on Sanaya's face and there comes a sisters cum best friends hug. They hugged along with Priya giving a peck on Sanaya's cheek which she hates like anything and Priya loves that.

"But Priya where were you? You should have been here around 9 a.m. and now it's 11a.m. I need a valid reason." Sanaya was arching her eyebrows and was waiting for Priya's reply. "Aree, firstly I couldn't decide what to wear, secondly couldn't track any auto and thirdly jo auto mila he was charging extra. We had an argument and finally he surrendered and charged accordingly.  Thanks to the ultimate taking to  police station wala dhamki." Both of them burst of laughing along with other three ladies with them in the room. They were Sanaya's cousins, Suman , Aarti and Chetna. 

The door knocked and Sanaya's mother came in to call all of us down for the marriage ceremony along with bride Sanaya. "Sanaya, beta all are waiting down for you. Priya and all three of you escort Sanaya downstairs in a while. Varun will be here anytime. Be ready. Alright.." She was trying hard to control her tears but somehow she couldn't and tears rolled down her cheeks.Watching her mom cry Sanaya was with watery eyes too but Priya held her tight which somehow retained her from crying further.

Authored by:

Jyoti Jangir

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