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Friday, 18 July 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending, Jyoti Jangir.... Chapter-2

It was an emotional moment for all of us especially Sanaya and her Mom. It is so tough for a parent to her child go in a totally alien world after being with them for so many years. Sanaya couldn't hold her emotions and hugged aunty as tightly as she can. Aunty regained her composure and made Sanaya stop crying as well with a quick peck on her cheek. They both smiled and Sanaya was back to normalcy. "Priya, come down within 5 mins and don't forget to get those thalis of flowers along with you. They on the side table over there."  She pointed toward the table and marched out of the room. 
We could all that band and baaja along with dhols and crackers. We all ran towards wind ow to get a glimpse of the baraat. People were dancing, shouting, laughing, yelling-a typical Punjabi family with bangra and gidda everywhere. The groom Varun was in sehra and was trying hard to get a glimpse of Sanaya but unfortunately we didn't let her get near window as in Hindu ritual, the bride is not allowed to see her own baraat. 
"Sanaya, he is looking damn handsome."
"Who.? Varun? " she jolted up in excitement. 
"No!! The horse is looking handsome. Duh...Ofcourse Varun!" The room giggled with our laughter. 
Suman and Aarti were holding those flower thalis where as Priya and Chetna were the bride's maid to be precise. Today Sanaya looked splendidly preety. Top to bottom she was sparkling.  The ornaments and that beautiful red lehenga were adding stars to her already shining face. She walked rather more gracefully than she ever did. Varun couldn't take his eyes off her bride Sanaya.  On the other hand Priya was trying to mock at Varun when suddenly she saw something which startled her. She saw a much familiar face standing beside Varun. She couldn't believe her eyes, the face was none other than Aarush, Aarush Malhotra. For a moment she couldn't move, Sanaya's nudge made her get back to her senses. "What's wrong Pri??" Sanaya looked concerned.  "Nothing, I'm fine." Priya said this with much discomfort in her voice.
On the other side Aarush was all laughing and giggling when a familiar face caught his attention and that face was of Priya's. He looked puzzled and bewildered. As Priya was getting close to face Aarush, her heart started pounding faster. Aarush couldn't believe his eyes and more of fate that finally they met again. Priya and Aarush were now facing each other. Eyes locked, no blinking, seemed they became oblivion to the world when suddenly a roar of applause broke their tacit conversation.  The applause was Sanaya and Varun as they finished their varmala.
All ushered towards to the mandap for further wedding ceremonies. Meanwhile Priya wasn't feeling good, she needed some fresh air to get in. "Aunty, I'm not feeling fine so I'll be upstairs for a while. Please inform Sanaya orelse she'll be worried and more of angry."
"Ya sure beta, please take rest. I'll send some refreshments and medicines for you and if you need anything just let me know. Take care." Priya escaped from the eye of Aarush and went upstairs.  Priya was now all alone, standing in the balcony looking all lost in her own world. She started sailing in the reminisce of she and Aarush meeting for the first time.
7 years back......... 

Authored by:

Jyoti Jangir

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