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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending, Jyoti Jangir.... Chapter-3

"Mumma, I'm getting late will eat once I'm back from classes. Bye!!" Priya packed her bag and rushed closing the door shut for her coaching classes. Priya, Priya Jain is a marwadi girl who lives with her mom, dad, brother and sister in Mumbai. Priya is a jolly, blissful, carefree and happy go lucky kinda girl. She have a pleasant face but the only problem she have with herself is she hates her height. She is just 5ft and this is the only thing which upsets her sometime. Not to forget she is gifted with one more quality and that is utter clumsiness. Either she hits something or someone or else she is hit by someone or something. While walking on road, at least one person is definitely be hitted by her and if she is in hurry, god bless those poor souls who ll b waking beside and in front of Priya.

Priya got an auto and reached her coaching classes building and rushed towards the third floor where she had her lecture. Without knocking she ushered in and thankfully sir wasn't arrived yet that means she was dot on time. As she was one of the few preety faces in the classes she always used to get those Woo-hoo from boys. Priya had her own gang of gals. Komal, Priya, Vini, Aditi and Ankita, all five of them were brain with beauty but mischeavious like hell. They used to have their 1st two benches reserved for themselves. Sitting on 1st bench they used to play antakshri and all such games during ongoing lectures and giggled whole day.

Aarush had a gang of boys as well. Rahul, Vinay, Dhruv and himself, a gang of four boys. All were nerdy and geeky boys. Brains with being hell notorious. But for Priya and her group annoying was what they used to feel for Aarush and his gang. Aarush was an average looking guy, with so so looks but hell intelligence. He was one of the topper of our classes. Initially for Priya, Aarush had an annoying voice and more irritating was his laughter. As a normal human tendency to judge people even Priya took Aarush as a nerdy guy with only boredom in his personality. 
Aarush and Priya were no where connected during their higher secondary schooling coaching classes. They had no idea that fate had its plans for both of them. Even though they were in the same class, sitting almost on the same bench row for 2 years, they never exchanged a glance with each other. One of Aarush's friend Rahul used to like Priya but Aarush never noticed her and neither she had any attention for him. Aarush was interested in some other girl called Alia and as name suggests she was preety, bold and with loads of attitude wali babe. No one ever thought that Aarush would get a girlfriend like her but he proved all wrong and got her proposed and made her his gf. This was a news among all students. Everyone were puzzled and some cheapster boys had their own insecurity questions like, "How did he impressed her?" "What do I lack in?" Such remarks were made on them. Even Priya wondered about it but that wasn't much of her concern during that time. Priya had a boyfriend too named Rohan. Rohan was also in the same coaching classes but he was in different batch. Both were in the same college as well. Their love blossomed from being just friends to best friends and then lovers. They were the cutest couple in college.  Priya was very happy of being with in relationship with Rohan. They had a wonderful compatibility. Their mutual understanding and love was always talk of town for other students in college in classes as well.
During these two years of coaching classes, Aarush and Priya were just classmates who never talked with eachother. They at least knew each others name. Occasionally formal smiles were exchanged, but that was it nothing more happened. After completion of H.S.C. they both got busy with their respective career options, but as it is said that "Duniya gol hai", they both again got in touch via Facebook which is now the most used social networking sites but during that time it wasn't that famous.  Priya added Aarush as to get along with this new facebook thing. After adding him there wasn't any conversation between both of them for few days. One afternoon when Priya was engrossed in some of her pending assignment, her monitor beeped a tone of msg from fb. She opened her fb page-

Authored by:

Jyoti Jangir

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