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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending, Jyoti Jangir.... Chapter-5

The very next morning Priya called Aarush,     

  "Hello...Aarush. ...Priya here...!"
"Hmmm...ooaoo..(yawning)..y have you called me early morning? Is everything all right Pri?"
 Aarush was fast asleep, Priya's call wake him up.
 "Early morning, dumbo it's 12 noon. Watch your watch idiot. Anyways hows your headache? Must be           terrible. ."

"Oh God..!! My head is swirling and dis pain...ergggg...chuck that... Firstly I'm very sorry for last night. I don't even remember what all nonsense I blabbered out. Shit...I'm such an ass yaar.. just hope I haven't said anything inappropriate.."
Priya could sense disappoinment in his voice. Priya's naughty mind said her to trouble Aarush a little more.

"Inappropriate, hell that's a small word. I can't even say what all things you said me. I'm hurt Aarush. I didn't knew that you think that low for me. Do I have that stooped image of mine in you?"
Priya silently giggled but Aarush couldn't  sense it as he was already feeling very guilty and after what Priya said him all those things he was feeling more worse and remorse was all he could think of now.

"I'm so sorry yaar. I didn't mean any of those things. Believe me ..your my very special friend and I wounded you...It's fine if you don't talk to me..I can understand and well justified as well...I deserve this........"
While Aarush was cursing him, Priya couldn't hold her laughter and she burst out laughing hard. Aarush stopped midway, "wh...a...t.??"

"Areeee,hold on...chill Aarush.  I was kidding pagal, you haven't said anything which was not meant to say infact you said those secrets to me which I think if u would be sane, you would never tell me. It was about Alia Aarush.  Thanks to alcohol, I met a new Aarush who is a lil more emotional and sensitive than he is in sanity and by the way I kinda like this Aarush. "

Aarush sighed, " Thank god..!! I was hell frightened, thought I would lose a friend like you as well. Anyways I apologise once again. Actually I met Amit and Tarun last night, so we decided to share a drink and as you know for guys a drink means having a full quarter. More of I was full on out and badly wanted to talk to someone and I could only think of you so I called you."

"Good you called me, orelse I don't think anyone would have bared you the way I did..hahaha.. achha listen go and have your lemonade and get rid of your hangover as we are meeting in the evening. Alright. ..!!!"

"Wooo...finally we are meeting. Cool then meet me at 5.30 sharp near Nirmal's. Thik hai..."

"Yo done...see you cre...and don't be late..samjha mote.."

"Ya I won' cre..bye.."
Biding Priya good bye, Aarush went straight in kitchen to grab his lemonade.
Priya informed Rohan that she is going to meet Aarush in the evening, of course he wasn't comfortable but he agreed just to keep an eye on both of them so that he could know what is brewing between them. Priya was excited about the meeting. She always was simple with sober makeup and simple clothing. Today she wore a black and white top with light blue jeans, she let her hairs down and with applying kohl she was all set to go. A final look in the mirror, grabbed her handbag and rushed downstairs as she wanted to be on time. It took her only 10 mins to reach her venue via rick. As soon as she reached there, she dialled Aarush's number,
"Mote kahan hai?? I just reached. I'm dead on time. M sure you haven't reached here. Right...!"

"Well...take some effort and look back. I'm standing right behind you idiot. "
Priya looked stunned as Aarush was right behind her and waving his hand to her as well. Priya was impressed, first meeting and a guy is already waiting way before than time! Priya as a human tendency inspected Aarush with his looks, dressing sense and all stuff.

Aarush have changed a lot during this short period. Although he was a average looking guy, something was charming about him. In his dark maroon shirt he definitely looked smart. For the first time Priya noticed his smile and guess what, she found it cute. Meanwhile Priya was busy noticing him, Aarush came towards her and held his hand for handshake.

"Hello....Priya Jain. .!!"
Priya gave him a half smile and held her hand for handshake too.
" Malhotra. ."
Both giggled with the way they introduced themselves.
"Oye, mote enough of formal meeting. This is first and last time I'm addressing you with your proper name. Hence forth you are mota for me."
With that he punched him in his stomach.
"Ouch...!! Fine now you are choti for me. Height dekh teri. Hahaha.."
Priya again punched him and Aarush mocked of  being in immense pain. Both felt a kind of ease and comfort with eachother.  Not for a moment of second there was any awkward situation between them. It seemed they have been friends since ages. All the nervousness just vanished.

Both of them headed towards Mcdonald, as this is the only outlet which is sasta, sundar and tikaau...!! Priya grabbed a table for two as soon she entered. She pulled her chair out and sat down while Aarush was still standing.
"Pri, get up." He seemed a bit annoyed.

"Get up..but why?" Priya looked puzzled.

"I said get up, now...!" Aarush now folded and his hands and was staring at Priya.  She couldn't help and got up reluctantly. Aarush came near her chair, first he pushed the chair inside the table and then again pulled it out for Priya.
"Pls be seated. Idiot abhi beth. Whenever your with me let this job be mine.thik hai." Aarush winked to which Priya nodded and smiled.

Priya was again amazed with his chivalry.  He got her impressed again. Her perception about him totally changed now. He was a gentleman for sure.

"Actually no one has done this to me and more I didn't knew you guys actually do this. Even Rohan haven't done this so I'm used to do my things. "

"Never mind, but with me no need to do this at least.  Chal ab bark up what all secrets did I tell you last night?" Aarush was looking all curious and nervous to know about his stupid talks whom Priya bared. 

Authored by:

Jyoti Jangir

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