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Monday, 28 July 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending, Jyoti Jangir.... Chapter-6

Circle of Love is Never Ending.....Chapter 6


"Well....nothing much just about Alia. ."
Priya shrugged. She placed her bag on the table, folded her hands on it and placed her chin between her both hands and continued,

"You said that you still love her a lot and want her back.  But as she doesn't feel the same for you, both of you mutually decided to remain just friends and since then you are just being friend with her. really pinches you? Hai na..." Priya gave an apologetic shrug.

Aarush looked away for a moment. May be was searching appropriate words to over shadow his pain.
" does Pri...!! I mean I love her so much and even she knows this then why she isn't mine? Where m I falling short of? And more of I'm hell tired of being or rather pretending to be just friends with her. It's hard to control these stupid feelings yaar.. On top of that she has a bf, she comes and discussestheir issues with me...can you imagine. just flares me up..."

Priya could see the rage in his eyes. And on the same time how it hurts him of not being with Alia.  She didn't knew how to console him. Priya was a little paranoid of using proper words so that it should only pacify him and not fell like she is intruding too much in his privacy.
"Aarush listen, you can't force someone to love you back the same way as you do. Right!! If she isn't in love with you, it is neither your fault nor her mistake.  Try to move on, which I know you are doing it. Just stick to it. Or the other way is be happy that she is with you although as a friend but her presence is what matters to you. What I suggest is move on if it hurts you."

"Pri, I'm trying hell hard to get over her and it all goes well until she does something which holds me back from where I all started.  For example, she have a heck lot of problem with you..." Priya was surprised to know this.

"Me, dude what have I done??"

"As in whenever I talk about you or talk to you, she is like; Ohhh well you got a new friend na then go to her why you even talking to me and blah blah. ..uffff..... Even today she wasn't really happy of me meeting you. Ab bata, how should I deal with it? She sometimes behaves a lot more like a possessive gf.This confuses me.

Priya could see Aarush's baffled face.
"Hmmm...ditto Rohan behaves with me when it comes to you. Now a days his insecurities have reached peak point.  Jab teri baat aati hai..gosh he flare up like anything.  But he is understandable, why Alia has to do so? May be she herself is confused.  Mote you are mature enough to decide what is good for you and what is not. If you wanna follow my advice then stick to moving on. As it is said ladki, train and bus ke piche mat bhago, ek gae to dusri aayegi.. samjha bhuddhu.."

This made Aarush smile.
"Yea I know, I'm stuck to moving on and will be sticking to it. But frankly I felt so at peace talking to you and so is even now. No awkward feeling at all. I don't have to prepare myself that now I would say this and that it just involuntarily comes out. This is nice... hai na..!!"

"Yup, ditto here. Same pinch"  she pinched him very hard.
"Ouch...easy gal. .easy. ." Both shared their first laughter after meeting.

"Chal now go and get a burger and coke for me and please self service your self. Hurry...I'm famished"
 Aarush jerk up as soon she ordered him to.

"Oops...!!! M so sorry...mere chakkar mein I forgot to ask about food. Will get your burger and coke in 5 mins mam..!" He winked and rushed to the ordering counter.

Both of them were enjoying their talks and burgers unless a call from Alia on Aarush's cell interrupted their conversation.  She urgently wanted to meet Aarush as she was upset because she and her bf had a fight.  Aarush assured her that he will be there within 10 mins. Aarush apologised Priya of leaving their meeting midway but she understood his situation as he was helpless. With that both bid good bye and headed back to home. Priya was very happy to find a dear friend in Aarush. Sometimes the most unexpected people become very important.

As diwali vacation were on head, Priya decided to go for morning walks during these holidays.  As Priya and Aarush used to talk every day she mentioned this to him as well. Aarush wanted to join her for walks to which Priya agreed. They decided to meet near Priya's building where he would pick her up via his Activa and then would go for walk in Cyprus.  Cyprus is a spacious garden with jogging tracks for elders and small rides for children. Numerous people have their morning walks over there. Some come in groups, some with their spouse or friend  some alone. Aarush and Priya fall in the second category, of friends coming for walk.

First day of morning walk was decided to meet at 7am. Aarush reached Priya's colony sharp 6.50am, he buzzed Priya,
"Come down, I'm waiting. ..and yaa wear your zipper it's cold.."
"U reached, wow impressive. ..achha I'm wearing shoes just give me 5 mins... Bye" she hung up, grabbed her zipper and rushed down.

"Good morning mote, at least with me you will shed some kilos.."
"Good morning moti...ya thanks to you. ."
"Chal move on.." with that Aarush kicked his Activa and they headed for their morning ride cum walk.

"So mote, tell me you often come here for walk?"
"No way, actually pakta hai meko. You said that you gonna go so I thought let's give it a shot and more of we would get some peaceful time to spend where no Rohan ka nautanki and no Alia's chikchik. You know my mom was shocked to see me going for morning walk as I'm a total lazy ass." He roared laughing making Priya giggle.

"No doubt, your bulky stomach tells all truth about your lazy ass and tasty bear." She punched him with mocking her tongue out."

Since then it became a routine for both of them to meet in the mornings. If one would ever over sleep theother would call until he or she answer the call. As it was winter, the mornings were foggy and beautiful. The peaceful ambience was the best part which Aarush and Priya both liked the most. With passing days their bond got stronger and deeper. They never hesitated to share anything with each other instead they loved it.

Authored by:

Jyoti Jangir

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