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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending. ...Chapter 8

Circle of Love is Never Ending. ...Chapter 8

"Come down, I have reached."
"Ya, just 2 more mins. Bye."

Priya scurried with her hand bag downstairs as soon as she got a call from Aarush. He was waiting for her at their usual picking up point with his scooty.

"Kitna time yaar, you gals can never be on time. Whether it's a party or boozing, makeup is a must."

"Hahaha. ..happy I laughed on your poor joke. Now speed up, I don't want to be in any my relatives eye today. They are all around me."

Aarush roared his scooty and headed to their boozing venue.

"Achha listen, what would you like to drink? As in whisky or vodka or rum or beer etc. Huh...?"
"Actually I prefer vodka, rest is your take.."
"Ok then, vodka for you and beer for me. Thik hai."

Aarush could sense Priya was silent today. Something was different about her. She looked all dull and low. He was looking at her face through his scooty's front mirror and was trying to gauge her expressionof sorrow when suddenly Priya happened to look in the same mirror. Their eyes were doing the talking when Priya furrowed her eyebrows and broke the momentum,

"What...why you looking at me in a strange way..?"

Aarush raised his eyes and said,
" asking tell me what is up with you? You seen to look all dull and low. What's bothering you Pri..?"

Priya wanted to tell Aarush everything but again something in her didn't let her to do so so she once gain held back with her outburst.

"Nothing, was ill so...that's it."

"Fine, let's assume as you say." Aarush forged a smile as he knew she was hiding something from him. He didn't wanted to pester her and elevate her sorrow so preferred remaining tacit.

"Wait for few mins, I'll have our package of drinks from that wine shop. Ok.."

Aarush parked his scooty to a little distance and was back with their parcels. Within 15 mins they reached at Aarush's residence.  He parked his scooty, got down and held his hand out for Priya so she could get down as she was holding the drinks package.  Priya smiled and got down holding Aarush's hand.

"Thank you, you're a true gentleman, I must say."
"Only if you say so..."
He winked at her and gesture her to go first. Priya was always amazed by Aarush's chivalrous nature. She always liked him more for this.

The elevator pinged when it reached the 2nd floor where Aarush lived. He got his house keys, unlocked the door and escorted Priya inside.

"Welcome. ..Welcome. ....this is my small aashiyaana... hope I used the right pronunciation and the right word."

Priya chuckled, " yea your the way your aashiyaana is beautiful. "

"Thanks, come sit. Be comfortable."

Priya settled down on the couch. Aarush got straight in kitchen and was back with two glasses of water.

"Ohoho...manners Mote.. Good...very good.
"I'm a sanskari boy.."
"Sure you are...with vodka and beer and gal in your empty house you definitely are a sanskari boy."

Both giggled.
"So should I get the glasses and snacks. "

"Hmm...ya..bring it on..."

Aarush got two beer glasses, a bottle of coke and some masala peanuts with chips as snacks.

" would you like your drink...neat or with coke..?"

"First with coke and towards the end neat shot." Priya sounded excited.

"Alright. ."

He poured vodka for Priya and beer for himself. Both clinked the glasses and roared "cheers" in unison.
Priya took the first sip. It felt bitter and sour as she was drinking after a long interval. Initially she took sip by sip but as the alcohol was gettin down her body and brain she gulped it in one shot. Aarush looked surprised.

" need to go back home as well. Don't be out."

"Hmm...I know that. I won't be out, common refill my glass now..."

He refilled both of their glasses.  Priya could feel his head swinging.  She felt all lightened as the alcohol was doing its magic. Aarush got some of his childhood photos for Priya.  Both were sharing a light moment when suddenly Priya sat down and rested her head on Aarush's lap. Aarush was startled, he was worried about Priya's sudden behaviour but he remained silent as he wanted her to speak up.

Priya closed her eyes and tears flowed down her cheeks. Aarush could see tears streaming down her face. He wanted to wipe it but something inside said Priya won't appreciate this gesture and more of he wanted to end her pain by any means. So he let her cry.

" know I'm a bitch."

Aarush was bewildered of why she is using such foul language for herself.
" you are not. Who said that.?"

Aarush too sat beside Priya just to comfort her.
"Rohan, he feels we sleep together. We are friends with benefits. He said I'm a whore who like big dick for my big mouth."

Aarush felt agitated of how dare Rohan daid all this to Priya.  He was fuming red.

"I tried making him understand that I'm loyal and honest but all my efforts went in vain. He don't trust me. How can he talk so low to me Aarush.  And when I opposed him...he....."
She trailed off saying, her sobbing stopped her midway from saying further.

Aarush held his hand around her shoulder and asked,
"What did he do..? Tell me..."

"He slapped me Aarush.  He slapped me.."
After revealing her agony Priya couldn't hold her tears back. She buried her face in Aarush's chest. Aarush was now holding her by both his hands wrapped around her. Aarush was caressing her hair and was trying to ease her. This was the first time when both were this close to each other. Priya was very comfortable in Aarush's arms. Both seem to lost in each other's embrace.

Priya regained her composure, Aarush preferred to speak,
" are very special to me and that bastard hit you...!!...I can't tolerate. I will kick his ass..I promise but not now, because I know if I would do something to him now he will counter attack you and create problems for you which I don't want. Will you listen to me...will you do something only if I mean something to you."

Priya jolted up and said wiping her tears, "hmmm mean a lot to me.."

"Please stay away from him. I don't want any bloody contact with him. Thik hai."

"I won't. ." She again rested her head on his shoulder and said,
"Thanks Aarush. .."

Aarush didn't say anything he just closed his eyes and was lost in the moment.  

Jyoti Jangir

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