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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending. ...Chapter 10

Circle of Love is Never Ending. ...Chapter 10

The very next morning Aarush met Priya.  He came in an auto to pick her up as his scooty was sent for servicing. When Priya came downstairs, the zeal and joyful of her was no where.  She was all dull and low. Her puffy eyes were enough to let Aarush know that she have been crying all night.

" alright..?" Aarush wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"Hmmm...." she said feebly.

"Come let's sit and talk. Today no walk."
They sat on a bench. Aarush placed her hand in his and said, "Bata...kya hua..."

"Yesterday some 2 or 3 men came at my place. Initially I assumed that they might be some of my relatives, but later I came to know that they have come to check me out as in ladki dekhne...bullshit.."
She was pissed, still a lonely tear rolled down her left cheek. Aarush wiped her tear and held her close.

"Pri...stop crying. ..they have just come once....not yet decided. .. marriage is far away question. Don't procrastinate things you never know what fate holds for you. Try to talk to your parents about it. They will understand after all your their daughter.  Do you want me to go and tell your parents about it. Trust me I can do that for you.."

"No..noway...they are against me talking to boys and if some random guy comes and advice them for daughter's marriage, this will only ignite them further. I will tackle it."

"Hmm..fine...but you any help please do tell me..." she nodded in affirmation.

"Pri. made me angry on you..."
Priya got worried as Aarush was now very serious and intense.

"" She jumped on with numerous questions.

"How can you even think of killing yourself. ..haa....what will I do if something happens to...." his voice trailed off. He looked away from her. Priya could see he was very upset with what she said. She came close to him and hugged him tight.

"I'm sorry. I said in haste. Was totally out of my mind."

"Don't say that again. You mean a lot to me. Can't even afford to lose you..."
Eventually the grip of their hug intensified. Aarush offered her to drop which she accepted.

"By the way you look cute when you cry..."  Aarush teased her.

"Yea idiot...I know I'm super cute and irresistible." She crooked her nose to him. Both laughed. All her worries were smashed and vanished as soon as Aarush came in. Priya was back with it's jolly mood. They caught an auto and headed towards home.

"Talk to your parents calmly. .Alright. .. sab theek hoga..." he assured her.

"Hmmm...I will..."

"Ummm....good...and pls Pri don't cry. Seeing you in tears, it hurts... it doesn't suits your preety face."
Aarush saw tears in corner of her eyes which was ready to travel down but before it did, he wrapped her in his arms. This hug was different. He held her with full strength as to hold her till eternity. So that no one can pull them apart. Even Priya didn't opposed, she hugged him as firmly as she can. She felt safe, secure and peace in his arms. Both felt a different steam of emotions evolving. This wasn't friendship. This was the fear of losing one another.  Fear of getting apart. They were completely lost in that sparkling moment of their life or rather the magical moment. Seems the world came stand still for them. In life, there are certain moments which fall short of words. We cant describe them in words. This was one of those moment for Aarush and Priya.

A jerk made Priya come back to senses. "Ummm... Aarush we reached. "

"Huh. ...yaa....sorry.." He unwrapped her and let her go. Aarush and Priya didn't say anything. They were just looking into eachother's eyes. Their lips were sealed but their eyes were doing the talking now.

"Bhaiya chalu..." The autowala yelled at us.

"Ruko..." Aarush counter back on him without even looking at him. Priya got down. She wanted to say something but couldn't assemble words. She was puzzled of how to react. She turned to move when Aarush called out,

"Pri wait..."

"Huh....kya hua..." She turned with anticipation in her looks.
He did opened his mouth to utter something but all in vain.

"Ummm...nothing. ..just take care...and remember I'm always there.."

"Ya...I too..." she smiled and waved him.

Since the morning incident both were in the state of bewilderment and confusion. New emotions of care were emerging. The query was, was it love or just some mere attraction between a girl and a boy which often happens. They were in quest of finding these answers. One thing was very clear, both very happy. The only thing they could think was the magical hug. Yes, thats what they named it.

While Priya was preoccupied in her own flow of thoughts, she jolted up by Aarush's call. Seeing his name flashing as always, her lips curved in smile.


"You thinking of me...right. ..because thats what I'm doing since morning. ."

"Hmmm....sort of..." She said shyly.

"You know Pri, I never felt the way I did today.  Today, the hug was divine.  It's not I haven't hugged any girl but the way you made me feel....was just beautiful. I'm spellbound. The moment you were in my arms, I never wanted to leave you. Different emotions rushed in me. Ummm... I hope with all these I haven't made you feel uncomfortable. ." He sounded concerned.

This always made Priya like Aarush more. He was always honest with her. No manipulation, nothing just truth. Even today he could have dropped this topic and simply said sorry but he didn't, instead he confessed.

" didn't. I don't know.. but something was magical today. It was one my magical moment to be honest and it feels great."  Priya was all blush blush now.

"Same for me. By the way, you look beautiful when you blush. Those red cheeks so very compliment your preety face."

"I'm not blushing" she was trying hard to hide it.

"I know you are Pri..." Aarush and Priya both smiled.
They talked till midnight. Seems that they didn't wanted to end that night.  Just freeze it and be there forever. 


Authored by:

Jyoti Jangir

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