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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending. ...Chapter 11

Circle of Love is Never Ending. ....Chapter 11

Since that day, things changed between them and this change was good. Both felt a strong attraction towards eachother but both were not sure of what is happening to them. Aarush was anxious, as the experience with his previous relationship wasn't good enough so this time he wanted to be sure. So he decided to stay away from Priya for a while. He didn't met her nor texted her or called her. Ignored her calls and messages. When Priya used to call frequently, he pretended to be busy in college assignments and projects. Priya felt dejected. Aarush's behavior bothered her a lot. He was constantly in her mind so was Priya in Aarush's mind. He tried to get busy but all his efforts of not thinking about her went in vain. Even Priya was getting restless of Aarush's ignorance. She feared of losing him. One fine night Priya texted him after getting tired with his ignorant behavior.

"Aarush...I'm afraid of losing you."

After reading this text Aarush finally decided to confess his feelings to her. He didn't replied but called her the next morning.

"Hello....Pri. .." he said.

"Oh....look who called me... you remember me na...I'm Priya. .your..." she didn't completed the sentence as she herself was confused of whether she was his friend or more than that. Aarush knew she was verymuch pissed of with him so he tried to placate her anger.

"No re...nothing like know na how these people fuck engineers assess...assignments and all. Neways chuck that..I have something important to tell you.."

"Ya..bark up.." she was still in fury.

"Umm...will you meet me in the evening. It's very important.  Please. ..." he pleaded.

"Alright. ...just let me know the timing and ya whatever you want to say, better be important like you said orelse you'll be screwed. "

" is ....chal will pick you up around 7pm...thik hai..."

"Ok...bye..." she hung up without even letting Aarush to say good bye. Aarush understood, her behaviour was legit after what he did to her. He was exhilarated as well as nervous.  Today he would pour his heartout in front of her. As soon as he the clock hit 6.50 he rushed down to pick her up. He reached there on time and so did she. He could see she was all angry and rash today.

"Hi...hows you Pri. .." he smiled.

"Alive..." she blurted and sat behind him in his scooty. During their ride neither of them exchanged any word. Aarush parked his scooty down of his building. Both got down. Priya looked puzzled.

"" She queried.

"Actually it's on my terrace. have to come there with me...want to show you something. ."

"Do I have any choice.  First you ignore me, then suddenly you call and ask me to meet and now this.. ufff...and like a fool I agree to all what you ask me to do..." he folded her hands in exasperation.

Aarush held her hand and said,
"Trust won't regret. ."

Priya could see the sincerity in his eyes, to which she couldn't denied. So she moved to his terrace. Aarush never left her hand. He helped her to climb the roof of the water tank of their terrace. They sat only an inch far away from each other. They hanged their legs in air. The weather was bloomy, cool breeze was all around them and the above beautiful celestial world was adding the beauty of the ambience. Aarush was nervous but finally he scambled the courage and said,

" know actually I had no assignments or projects. I intentionally ignored you. I didn't received your call nor reverted you back although I was free."
Priya gave a shocked look to him. She felt bad.

"But....why...have I done something wrong to you. ." She felt hurt..

" didn't do anything wrong. Actually I did it for my selfish motive. I was in quest of something and finally I have my answer with me."
Priya still felt dumbfounded.

"You know, since that day everything changed in me. You are always in my mind. I think of you all day and night. Whenever I try to get myself engage in some work I somehow tend to think of you again. Your smile which brightens my world, your lustrous hair which dances with the breeze and make me feel lost in it, your smoldering eyes which make me lose all my senses. You know I always thought Alia was my only love and I would never fall for anyone now, but than you happened to me and my perception changed. I have no idea when all this happened or how it happened. After all these are involuntary feelings. Sometimes you never know that you are in love unless the moment of realisation evokes you. Mine was our magical made me realise that I'm in love. And fortunately I did realise it soon orelse I'm quite passive in understanding all these feelings. My love is you...Pri. .."

He clutched her hand....held her other hand close to his heart and said those three magical words.
"I love you..."

Priya was in awe. She was dumbstruck. Even she was afraid of letting her feelings out as she didn't wanted to lose him. But now she was in zeal. She looked in his eyes. They were filled with promise of love and loyalty. Her lips opened to confess her feelings.

"I love you too..."
The moment Aarush heard this, he wrapped her in his arms. The hug was tighter than it ever was. Not evn air could pass through them.

"You know...I was afraid to tell you this. ..what if you would say no.. I would lose you and your friendship." Priya said while she snuggled in his arms.

"No Pri. can never lose me in any circumstances.  I'll always be there for you."

Aarush hold her face with both his palms, tucked her hair behind her ear. The luminescent moonlight lit Priya's face, which made her look more adorable. While he was gazing at her luminous face, a tear trickled down her cheek. Aarush leaned and kissed her teary eye. She opened her eyes to sense Aarush only an inch far away. They could hear their breathing. Heart was pumping high with anxiety. Aarush leaned more and vanished the remaining distance between them. They felt the touch of eachother's lips. They were lost in the enchanting moment of their physical proximity. The kiss was slow and gentle but later it went deep as to show their intense love for one another. They became oblivion to the world.  For them only the two existed and mattered the most.

Aarush hugged and whispered in her ears,
"I love you so much.."

"I love you more.." she hugged him as firmly as she can. As to never let him go away.

Both clutched eachother's hand,  leaned back on the roof , lost in each other's eyes under the velvet blanket of stars and moon over them.


Authored by:

Jyoti Jangir

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