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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending. ...Chapter 13

Circle of Love is Never Ending. ......Chapter 13

It's been one month, they haven't met eachother. Aarush was very anxious about today. He was nervous as after what he behaved with Priya, he knew she is very hurt and have no idea how she is gonna react. He wanted to resolve all the flaws which happened during this one month. Where as Priya was dying to meet him. During this one month of distance, the love within her has only evolved. This separation only increased their crave for eachother.

Priya gave a final look at her in mirror and rushed down. She got a rick and headed to meet Aarush. He was eagerly waiting for her. As he is quite impatient, he already called Priya five times in mere 15 mins just to know where has she reached. Somewhere Priya find it cute so it really didn't bothered her.

Aarush's door bell rang. Aarush jumped off his sofa and ushered to open the door. He opened the door and saw her standing in front of her. They just smiled looking in eachother's eyes.

He sighed,"Finally you reached. ..come.."

She came in and just when she was about to sit, Aarush came and hugged her from behind. She was startled but she didn't opposed. This touch was what both missed the most. She tighten her grip to him.

"I missed this touch...I missed you Pri. .." he whispered her and kissed on her neck.

"I missed you more.." Priya replied with cracking voice as if she would cry any moment.
Aarush faced her, placed her face between his palms and kissed her forhead. Priya buried her face in his chest and tears flowed down.

"Shhhh...pls don't cry Pri...I can't see you like that....come sit here....let's talk..."

He held her hand and made her sit. He occupied a seat beside her.

"Why did you do this...Aarush. ? You know I'm wounded.  I wanted to be with you in your hard times but you just wanted to be alone. I wanted to share your pain..."

A tear again rolled down her cheeks. Aarush wiped her tear and clutched her hand.

"I know I was wrong but that's what I'm Pri. ..I don't like sharing my miseries with any one. I tackle that on my own and when I'm out of my temper, nobody can placate me to normalcy except myself. And more of I was afraid...." he looked away.

Priya leaned towards him, placing her hand on his face she asked, "afraid. ..for what Aarush. .?

"I was afraid to lose you. I assumed that if you would know this part of me where I lose my equanimity and things seem to be unkempt for me I prefer aloofness, you would hate me and leave me. I just don't wanted to lose you so I opted for staying away from you till this time passes away but I suppose I ruined the situation. The relationship we had...."

Priya placed her index finger on his lips and stopped him midway.

"The relationship we still have....and you didn't ruined anything. It's the same, rather I love you even more. This distance made me realise how much you mean to me. And I will never leave matter what happens. If I'm physically not with you, mentally and emotionally I'll always be around you. Aarush you were just irrational. ..idiot. ..."

She punhed him and both shared a laughter.
"Ohh Pri. shona...sorry once again..."

He pulled her in his arms. She was now leaning on him. They were again close to eachother after a long period. They hear their heavy breathing. Sparks of love and passion were striking in them. He tucked her hair behind her ear and softly pulled her chin up. He came forward and met her lips with his. They kissed with more passion and desire. It went deep and wild. Both felt the need for eachother. How they missed to be together. The feel of eachother's skin and body. A tear rolled ofPriya's eye. Both knew it was because of the pain they had while being far away from eachother.

Aarush blocked his fingers in her hairs and kissed her barren neck. He slowly slipped her top down and  she unbuttoned his shirt. Both surrendered themselves to eachother. They lied down facing eachother. Aarush unhooked her brasserie and felt her perfectly shaped succulent bosoms in his hands. It felt heavenly. His grasp around her naked waist was firm and tight as to never let her go away. Priya made her hand go bizarrely on places it should go on Aarush's body. They dripped with sheer passion of love and lust. It felt like two individuals bereft of love till eternity. They devoured every inch of eachother's body. They savoured eachother. They made love today, not sex. Sex is just the physical contact but making love is more of emotions connection. Today they were two bodies and one soul. A feeling of ecstasy and pleasure. It was the quintessential moment for them.

Priya snuggled beside him and ran her fingers on her chest.

"You know Aarush. ..I have my three wishes. ..."

"Huh....wishes. ..this sounds interesting. ..can I know..." he rested her head on his hand, facing her he intrigued listening to her.

"Ummm....first to be an independent to achieve my own identity, individuality and independence....second is to be with you forever. .till my last breath. ..and third is to be the mother ofyour children Aarush. .."

Aarush didn't say anything. He just stared at her with sheer love and commitment in his eyes.

"Your wishes are my command. .." he smiled and kissed her forhead.

They hugged and were lost in eachother's embrace of love and promise to never let go.

Things were back to normal for Priya and Aarush. Although it's been 2 years that they perfectly know eachother but it feels as if they knew one another since a decade. As it is said sometimes it takes only few minutes to get someone close to you and sometimes even years fall short.

Authored by:

Jyoti Jangir

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