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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Circle of Love is Never Ending. .....The last one

Circle of Love is Never Ending. .....The last one

Slowly and steadily, life crawled back to normal. They accepted it and went with the flow. Although it does lost some meaning. Aarush and Priya, neither of them ever tried contacting eachother since that day. They had no clue about their whereabouts. Priya deserted herself from social networking sites and changed her number as well. As she was very firm with the decision of getting away from Aarush's life. She didn't wanted by any mean Aarush could contact her. They were still in the process of moving on but back of the mind they knew, their destiny will meet.
The present day, they are seeing eac hother after four long years.

Priya was lost in the reminisce, when a knock at the door jolted her back in present. She got up haphazardly and wiped her tears. 

Without looking at the door she said in cracking voice,
"Aunty, mein thik hoon...actually I was about to come down... why did you...bothered to c..o...m...e..." 

Her voice was hardy audible now as she turned towards the door. She assumed to be Sanaya's mom but she was not her...but a quite familiar face was standing at the door. And that fave was, Aarush. ..Aarush Malhotra. He had the same demoneour of fervent ardour and love that he had earlier. Priya was feeling numb now. Her body could feel the chills. She didn't moved. She stand stills. She wanted to say something but her mouth was falling all short of words.

Aarush took the move. He stepped inside and moved towards Priya. They stand facing eachother now. Aarush just wrapped her in his arms. Priya didn't opposed nor did she reciprocated as she was still trying to comprehend the present moment. Eventually she did burried her face in his chest and tears find their way in her eyes. They flowed down her cheeks. This embrace, still hold the essence of true love and passion in them.

"Pri...I missed this touch. .." he murmured.
He realised her uneasiness and left her free.

"I'm sorry was just exhilarated seeing you back so couldn't control. .." he said apologetically. 

"It's fine...I can understand. .." Priya replied sheepishly.
Silence occupied the room. Both were clueless of where to begin. Finally Aarush mustered to speak.

"Ummm....can we sit..." he signalled towards the sofa couch. 

Both made themselves comfortable on sofa. Clumsiness and nervousness was in them at present moment. 

Aarush turned towards her and asked, 
"How are you Pri. ...where were you so many years....I searched for you on social sites and I suppose you changed your number as well...but no track of you..." 

"Ummm....ya...I did change my number and was off from social sites, because after what we decided I wanted to stay as far as away from you. Don't wanted any trace of me in your life.."
She looked down.

"Hmmm....but as I said you before...we will meet one day and see, the day is today. After all you can't cheat with destiny. " he smiled.

" are you by the way and how come your here...I mean this wedding. ?"  
"I'm fine but now I'm fantastic....actually I know Varun since our college in U.S. After our college we work in the same company so he is a very good friend of mine. You know what..I was not very much into attending his wedding but thankfully he forced me to come. I owe him fo this orelse I would have missed the chance of meeting you.." he said with zeal in his voice.

"So you did went abroad...." she asked.

" take off with my journey of dreams..." he winked.
Again both felt mum. No one talked for a few moment, they just looked at eachother and smiled vaguely. 

Surprising Priya, Aarush got up and grabbed a chair. He placed it in front of Priya and sat on it. He was now facing her. 

"Pri..." he said softly. 
She looked up, straight in his eyes where she could feel the same love of ocean. 

"You know, the day we got drifted apart I knew we would meet. When you left me, I took some time to regain my composure because I had many questions with me to ask you, but I restrained myself doing so because I knew you yourself will come to me and answer my unspoken questions. I went abroad, did my studies and got into an excellent job. Life was moving with the pace, things were falling in place but inside I was void. I was hollow. Anything I did or striven for were meaningless. You know it's not that I haven't dated anyone after you, I did...but I always end up searching you in them. I met many girls but no one could replace you pri..."

Priya just held her back from sobbing. She didn't say anything or she couldn't say anything. She kept listening to him.
Aarush hold her hand and said,
"Pri...god has given us a chance of redemption, and I'm no way gonna miss it. Do I still hold that place in your heart.. Can I be your Aarush once again..." he looked at her with anticipation. 

Priya snatched her hand back. She wiped her tears and said,
"Aarush before you come to any point, you deserve to know my past and a certain truth which I didn't tell you..."

"Firstly your past has nothing to do with my feelings for you but if it will lighten your burden..then I'm all ears to you..."

"I lied to you about the reason for our breakup. It wasn't that I don't love you actually my parents already fixed my marriage with the guy of their choice under my nose. They pressurised me and I couldn't deny assuming that my parents won't do anything wrong for me. Telling you the truth would hurt both of us so I preferred lying you that I don't love you, which will lead you to hate me and you will move on with your life."

" marriage is the issue now..."

"Actually no..." 
Aarush was bewildered. 

"I'm divorced... During third year they got me married. My in-laws didn't let me complete my graduation. Within 2 years my marriage was on rocks. So finally I filed divorce. Since then I completed my graduation, worked for part time job and today I'm an employee with well known firm. At last I'm independent and free. "

"I can see no problem... here Pri. .." he shrugged. 

" I'll tell you...the problem is I'm impure. Will you be able to sleep with a woman who has been touched by two other men in past and that too not once or twice but many times. It will disgust you. That's understandable. You deserve a better girl not a divorced one. Your parents have certain expectations from you. So this topic ends here. Aarush, I'm happy to see you again..this is overwhelming. But don't think about getting back together. You will doom your life with me.." 

"Come let's go down.."
She got up to move when Aarush held her hand and made her sit down.

"You done with your thing now listen to me. Come sit down."
She reluctantly sat down. She was looking away from him. Aarush pushed the chair aside and kneeled beside her. Priya was surprised. He took both her hands in his and said,
"Pri...your past never bothered me then nor now. Being pure and impure are irrelevant for me. Your soul is the purest form of you which matters to me the most. I loved you then and I still love you and will always do so. Remember your three wishes. .."

"Wishes. ..huh.." she sounded puzzled. 

"I'll recall them. First to be independent, second to be with me forever and third to be the mother of my children. .."

He grasped her hand more firmly and said,
"First wish of your is accomplished by miss Priya Jain. ..will you give me the pleasure of full filling the world's most preety woman's rest two wishes. ..I want them to turn in reality with you and me, together in the frame. "

"But....I..." Priya stammered. 

"Priya...just become oblivion to the world for a moment. Think of you and me. What matters is the present moment. Will you be mine forever. .."

"I will...yes I will Aarush. .." Priya said with tears in her eyes.
Aarush jumped up and grabbed her in his arms. He swing her up. 
"I want to accomplish the rest to wishes with only you idiot. "
Priya whispered in his ears and hugged him even more tighter. 

"I love you.." Aarush held her down.

"I love you more" 
Aarush grasped her waist and pulled her towards him and they kissed.

Here meets the two points, which forms the circle of Love; the never ending circle of Love. 
When we truly want something, believe in it that it will manifest soon and witness the magic when the whole universe falls together to make you reach to what you desire.
-Jyoti Jangir

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