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Thursday, 9 October 2014

An Ugly Love Story, by HAC. Chapter-3

Time is not a journey, it is the junction to all the things in life, be it relations, aims, dreams and life. They were spending more and more time with each other. Countless of those nights they spent in the darkness of nights on the terrace, manufactured a pure bond between them. Watsapp and skype were there to lubricate it and smoothed their life to a great extent. They were coming closer.

‘Can I see your eyes?’ He typed the text. He was lying on his bed in his boxers and tees.

‘Arjun is asking? Or ordering?’ She was holding her cell phone above her. Lying on the couch, in the hall, she was watching television.

‘Arjun is Requesting…’ He typed back quickly. 

‘I have something better for you.’ She texted and looked around. Her parents were in their bedroom. She was all alone in the hall. Frankly, she didn’t know why she typed that, but she did and now she had to think of something special soon. She thought for a while and opened the camera. A heavy drop of saliva dripped down her throat. She was excessively nervous and was unsure about it. She tapped on the video mode button.

She cross-checked for her parents and then brought the cell phone near her eyes. Her beautiful eyelashes stood still and her eyes glared inside the camera lens. Skin bags below her eyes stuffed as she smiled. She blinked her eyes and forwarded him the video.

His cell phone beeped and he looked at it with a smile.

A few minutes later, there was a video on her  cell phone screen also. Conversations happening in blinks are the ones that stare at you for years. She blushed and laid on the floor, leaning her big body to sofa. ‘Free on Saturday?’ He wrote her a text.

‘Yes’ She replied.

The quickness in her reply made it clear that she was falling in love with him. He asked her out for a movie. She said yes, obviously, and then they talked until one of them fall asleep. The other one waited for his/her reply, played that video again, smiled and went to sleep.

The one who slept early, woke up in the middle of the night, texted him/her 8-9 texts, waited for the reply, played that video again, smiled and went to sleep.

As the Saturday arrived, she was way too excited to go on the date but was depressed also. She wanted to look good and fat all over her body took it in sarcasm. Finally, she chose a black piece, squeezed herself into it somehow and went for a movie with him.

The show was houseful, so they chose to sit in the restaurant and later went to the movie at 10pm. Ruhi made an excuse at her place and her family gave her acceptance. ‘Where will we go after movie?” Ruhi asked Arjun.

“A really long drive,” he said.

They watched movie. He held her hand for three hours, they talked, their eyes talked and love definitely happened, all over again. He was in Love, it was visible in his eyes. Shape of the body can never overpower the shape of heart, if looked at by true eyes.

It was a great movie and the moments spent together made it great. It ended at 1 am and then Arjun drove her in the direction of her house. “Where are we going?” She asked.

“Terrace of your building,” He reverted.

“Seriously?” she gave him a blank look. “I lied to my parents and you are taking me at my own apartment.”

“Yeah,” He chuckled.

They went to the terrace and shared the same conversation they had on the first night. After half an hour or so,  they went down the building, as they heard the security guards roaming on the roof of a nearby building.
They came back in the car. The digital clock of the car displayed 1:52 am and after exactly nine minutes of the drive. She put her hand on his hand. He slowed the car and as the car came to zero speed, she leaned to him, he leaned to her and their lips met.  It wasn’t a smooch, it was just a kiss between two shy hearts.

They looked into each other’s eyes. He blinked. She blinked. And, after that happened those four words that changed their life.

Get out of car…” A man shouted at them. He had a gun in his hand. The color of their face dried off.He looked around.A car was parked in front and there were three man standing around their car, one with a gun and rest two with knifes.

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