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Sunday, 12 October 2014

An Ugly Love Story, by HAC. Chapter-4

“Get out of the car,” The guy with the gun looked angry. He came near the door and pointed the gun against the mirror. “Open the door.”

Arjun and Ruhi were still not reacting. The moment that just happened between them; their first kiss was not supposed to end like this. Their lips were still adjusting to each other’s lively touch. It was supposed to be followed by another kiss, growing into a smooch.

The music whispering out of the speakers in the back continued to pour music beats in the environment. Ruhi’s heart was pumping heavy and loud. Her hands were shivering. She looked at Arjun and the gun pointed at him. There was a fear of lose on her face. Arjun was not looking at the gun. He was looking at the other two goons.

On the other hand, Arjun’s mind had already started thinking. He looked in the rear view mirror, there was nothing behind their car. His hand was still on the gear-handle knob, all he had to do is shift the car into reverse gear, and accelerate. He could do that easily, but he was taking his time to evaluate all the outcomes.
Ruhi was still staring at him and was waiting for his reaction. The goon with the gun was also looking at him.  

He was too close to the car, Arjun could not really beat the speed of the trigger. He gave up. He knew that the rescue plans had so many flaws and few things going wrong could really put  Ruhi in danger. Moreover, the car didn’t belong to him, it was his friend’s car. He could not afford a window with a bullet went through it.

He unlocked the door with his other hand. Ruhi’s heart skipped many beats as she heard the click of the lock. She also placed her hand on the knob and in gestures tried to ask him what he was up to. He didn’t react to her touch. He had already half opened the door and his one leg was out of it.

“Faster,” The goon shouted, “And Keep your hands up.”

Arjun took a deep breath and pushed the door against the knob with all his power. The goon lost his control over the gun as the door hit his hand. The gun fell out of his hands and he tried to recollect it from the ground. Arjun unlocked the door, put the car in reverse gear and accelerated it backward.

The car disappeared before goon’s could actually react and they were gone. He drove for a few miles just to minimize the risk. It was 3 am and they had no place to go except driving. His eyes fell on an ice-cream shop, that was open. He parked the car near it and went inside to take ice-cream. He came back after a few minutes with two cornettos.

“That was something really scary,” said Ruhi.

“I hope you are not talking about the kiss,” He tore his cornetto.

She giggled and pouted, “I won’t mind kissing you again.”

“But I will, Kissing you is way too risky,” He laughed and his cornetto kissed his chin, leaving  a little piece of it there.

“If technically we see, it was good. It made me go through the difference between ‘with you’ and ‘without you’. One moment, you were there on my lips and the other moment, there was this gun pointed at your head. This is what life is, and I promise that I will always remember the difference I felt today.” She said and cleaned his chin with her lips.

He kept his hand below her chin, lifted it a little and kissed her on her lips. The skin of their lips met and struggled to fuse with each other. The kiss lasted for two minutes or more and they could feel each other’s saliva getting missed and giving them a pure taste of love. His hand cupped her cheek and they broke the kiss.

She blinked.

He blinked.

And… they kissed again.

After few hours,the sun finally layered in the sky and people were going on morning walks, newspaper vendors were distributing newspapers and a few milk vans were also visible. “Drop me at Shalini’s place. She is up, and her parents are going on morning walk.” She looked in her cell phone and said to him. Her face was glowing with love. Sleep was not visible in her eyes. She was happy and was continuously blushing. For the first time, she was not feeling ugly. She was feeling beautiful. She wasn’t feeling fat, she was feeling overwhelmed. She wanted that feeling to stay with her with a really long time. There love story wasn’t ugly anymore.

He parked the car near her friend’s residence and she came out to take Ruhi with her. He came out of the car and passed a smile. Shalini Smiled back.  As they walked to the front door, those goons came back out of nowhere. They were on two bikes and no one noticed them. The one who was sitting on the pillion, stood on the moving bike and slapped Ruhi on her shoulder. It pained.

They hooted and disappeared, before Arjun, Ruhi or Shalini could notice them.

Shimla: Few years Later

“There is a phone for you, it’s Arjun,” Her grandmother ran to her.

Her cellphone was broken, maybe that’s why he called on the landline. As soon as she woke out of her bed, she woke up in reality.

It was a dream. She hugged her pillow and started weeping silently. 

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