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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

An Ugly Love Story, by HAC. Chapter-5

I never figured out what Revenge is? Someone taught me, Revenge is the mother of Revenge. But, then who started it? Someone made a mistake, the other one made a bigger one to make it even. The first one thought that his mistake was smaller, hence he made one more mistake and it never stopped. Perhaps, all I know about revenge is that- It is all the things that we shouldn’t be doing.

Ruhi was unaware of the intention of those goons that day, neither did Arjun. The moment Arjun drove back, hitting one goon was the moment they decided to take revenge. They roamed whole night to spot their car and in the morning when they spotted it successfully, one of them stood up on the pillion seat and slapped Ruhi on her shoulder.

It pained.

It pained because there was a needle in the goon’s hand. They, without even thinking, in sake of revenge, injected the HIV virus in her body. It was the perfect revenge for them. Humans are silly, initially one destroy’s him/herself and they move ahead to destroy other human beings. They destroyed Ruhi in just few seconds.

Who was at fault? Perhaps, no one. However, if no one is at fault how did she get contaminated by the HIV virus. This is what life is about, it is about how things go wrong without anyone’s fault. It is about how humanity dies and takes birth all over again, this is what life is all about.

Ruhi on the other end, had no idea about the virus running inside her body. For her, it was just a normal slap and she forgot it the moment it happened.

Things were going smoothly between Arjun and Ruhi. After the first kiss, the whole world changed and became a world of donuts, cakes and pastries. Everything around them was soft and sweet. She bunked few more nights and they went for many more movies.

Not every time he could afford to bring his friend’s car, but occasionally he does and when he does, the night used to be full of stars and kisses. Moon used to witness the brightest of both them and every night seemed like a page from a story of their book, bringing them together.

“Sorry, I cannot bring the car today,” He said to her and struggled with his earphones.

“Then Let’s just drop the plan,  we have watched already four movies this week,” She said in a low voice. “I don’t like watching movies, I like staying near you.”

“Then…” His heart stopped beating.

“Then, Come to my place… my parents are not home today,” She giggled. His heart started beating again.

“You scared me,” He laughed back.

It was a winter night, people were less on roads and so was the scenario of her society. He easily walked to her flat and no one noticed him. There was a picture perfect smile on his face, revealing that the night would be the most memorable night of their relationship.

She welcomed him. She was wearing a loose T-shirt and pajamas. She had done nothing special except putting quilts and sheets near the couch, in front of television.

She cooked him some food and as the night turned colder, they sneaked in the quilts and watched some random television shows. She was just shifting channels and was talking a lot. At theaters, she couldn’t talk that much, but at home things were different. It was her home and he was her boyfriend. They talked until he sealed her lips with his lips and the remote stopped on an Ekta Kapoor Serial. The melodies of smooches soon overtook the noises of melodrama happening on screen.

There was no one to stop them.

The night was  long enough to bring them closer to a great extent. Their naked souls explored each other who night and two virgins lost their virginity to love. The clouds of love finally rained and made the couple dance under it. They made love and Ruhi slept in his arms. He didn’t sleep. He was just cuddling her whole night and was staring deep into her eyes. I don’t know what he was trying to find but he definitely found what he was looking for; it was visible in his eyes the next morning.

He found Love.

He found Home.

And then she woke up…

She blinked.

He blinked.

After having breakfast, he went to a chemist shop and bought her a pill. Love was transmitted between them, and so was HIV virus.

This is not a story about an ugly girl in love. This is a story about how ugly this world can become. This is not just a Love Story, this is an Ugly Love Story.

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