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Friday, 17 October 2014

An Ugly Love Story, by HAC. Chapter-6

Ruhi was skipping college since past few days. There was a severe pain in her lower abdominal and fever was adding more to her illness. She was balled in the blanket in her bed, after taking a paracetamol tablet. Earlier this morning, she had called the doctor and taken an appointment for tomorrow.

She did not know how she would reach the hospital next day. She couldn’t walk properly because of the pain she had in her inner thighs. She just had her first love making and she couldn’t even blush about it. The  week full of aches, fever and medicines had made her look pale.

“Maa, Can I have some water,” She cried at the door, hoping that her mother would come with a glass soon. She had already tried getting off the bed, but as soon as she stepped down the bed, she almost fell.
She shouted a little louder when her mother didn’t arrive and finally, after a third call, her mother arrived with a glass of water. She was way thirstiest now, she emptied the glass with heavy gulps. Her mother moved her hand in Ruhi’s hair. She felt good. It took her a few moments, but finally she slept.

Next day, she was feeling a little better, even her dad helped her and took her to the hospital. Doctors went through some general tests and when everything showed negative, they took  samples of her to check for all  the possibilities.

“You will get the reports after two days,” said the doctor.

She faked a smile. Her dad seemed to be relaxed, it has been just a fever. He was always surrendered with cold and fever, when he was young. He was bragging about the same on their way back home. She was tired, yet she heard whatever he said. She loved her dad, he had always supported her. She had received immense love from her parents, which made her fat. She used to say this all the time.

“Dad, Can you take me to my favorite coffee shop?” She asked.

“Even I want some coffee,” He smiled, without looking at her.

She knew that she could go there and give Arjun a surprise. They have been talking less these days and seeing each other seemed impossible. Either Ruhi slept all the time or someone was always around her, it was hard for her. She missed him like anything.

They reached the CCD and parked the car in the parking, she could spot him standing on the other side of the counter from the outside as well. They walked in and she was standing in front of him, looking ill and ugly.

He looked up and there happened a moment, a moment that happened before, a moment that happened many a times. He fell in love with that girl in love with coffee. Her dad ordered the coffees and the coffee was served to them.

Even if she was ill, even if she was looking ugly, he always found it lovely to look at her. She was a beautiful person and he always looked beyond her  fat. She couldn’t smile at him or talk to him because of her dad. They had their coffee and left for home. When she was walking out of the cafĂ©, she turned and their eyes met.

She blinked.

He blinked.


Three days passed and her reports arrived. Everything was negative in the reports, except one thing, just one. Those HIV viruses were multiplying inside her skin and were spread all around. Everyone in her house went silent, as the reports him. Ruhi’s father was angry, disappointed and wanted to slap her, but he did not. He couldn’t figure out what to do and how to react. Ruhi’s mother had locked herself in the room and was crying out loud. She knew that it could be cured, but what if it couldn’t?

Ruhi was still in shock and there wasn’t anyone to whom she could open up her heart. She wanted to tap out everything that was happening in her mind. She looked at her parents, but they were too broken to fix her.

‘9 pm. Terrace of my building.’ She texted Arjun.

It wasn’t easy to sneak out of her house, but she did.   

Arjun was already waiting for her on the terrace, in the darkness. “Are you okay?” He asked.
She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and a tear trickled down her eyes. She was finally crying, and was out of her numbness. She could finally feel the pain and shock ended.

“Why are you crying?” He asked, when he heard her sobbing.

She stood there silent for a while, slapped him, and asked, “Why the hell did you give me HIV?”

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