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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lessons for Life, A Poem by Aastha Kochar

That very moment when we, as a child, were born,
Life brought to us a lifelong irritating horn

No matter how hard we try to throw it away,
It gets even louder with the years passing away

It does not mean that this is all that life has to say,
There are lot many things to explore in the entire way 

We do shake hands with everyone we meet,
That's what we have learnt the way to greet

Nobody seems dishonest the first time we meet,
But you never know what comes next while walking the street

It is true that in life there are the genuine relations that we mostly reap,
But it only happens when we begin to know each other really deep

Some stay with us together forever, but
That might not be the case for whomsoever

The best gift given to us by our so-called tough life
Is that it actually made us learn the best way to dive?

Those who came and touched us forever,
They will always be at a level above those who were simply clever

It’s high time that we need to realize, 
Loving is not an art in which we need expertise

Being honest in every relation 
Is the ultimate key to gain salvation?

Love every soul who stays with you,
And love those even more, who were not that true

Those who did bad to you are already in pain,
If you still love them back then there is at least a chance of their gain

Spread love and then the same would come back to you,
Hatred always damages and never builds anything new...

Aastha Kochar

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