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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Here and Together, by HAC

"I'm short of inspiration," I had this feeling that I cannot write anymore.
"Humans are never short of inspiration. What is the problem?" Asked the saint-cum-best friend sitting next to me.
"Neidhi, I have an imagination block. I cannot imagine new things anymore," I explained it to her while she finished my chocolava cake. (She had already finished hers.)
"What?" She kept the disposable spoon down and made a cute-puppy-caught-chewing-the-shoe expression.
"I cannot imagine new things anymore," I repeated.
"Leh..." She threw her hand on the table like a slow and laziest ninja. "Come with me," she picked her Activa's keys and with the other hand pinched my shirt. I followed her.
She drove and I sat on the pillion. (Do I have to tell you how she drove? Well, leave it.) She didn't tell me where we were going. And, after half an hour, we were out of the city.
"Here," She parked the Activa near a tiny hill and we had a twenty minute walk on never-trimmed grass.
"Now, lay down here," she said.
I laid down and she laid right beside me.
"Now look at the sky. See at the clouds and just tell me what can you see in them. My mumma told me this when I was a kid." She pointed at the sky.
"Haven't your mumma told you that there are no clouds on a clear day," I gave her a dear-puppy-you-wasted-my-one-hour-&-I-will-kill-you-now look.
"Oops!" She slapped her head. "Ummm.... But you are happy that we are here and we are together."
"If I had a gun with 6 bullets, I would have shoot you six times and banged the gun later on your head, for just in case. " I faked a smile. "Yeah, I am happy."
There are moments in your life when you make a less happy expression but somewhere inside you are really very happy. Just like when a dad says "Only 86%", just like when your crush texts you and you reply him/her casually, just like when the person you loved once, texts you after 2 years and feels guilty about things he/she did to you. That was one of those moments. Here and together.
We furled our fingers and our palms rested together.

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