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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Girl who had the courage

I was very young when I would often see my mother, curled up in a corner. Her face would always be hidden in her knees and I could hear sounds of sobbing. But I was too scared to go near her, ask her the reason or comfort her. I was naive and vulnerable myself and seeing her like that almost every day weakened me more. I didn’t know who should I turn to for help.

Then, I myself decided to help her come out of that isolation. I didn’t sleep the whole night to check on her from a distance. What I saw that day, took me by surprise! My father entered home at half past midnight and started shouting at my mother. He beat her for no reason and then told her to go away. As she stood up from the floor to leave, he again turned to her and slapped her once more before repeating his dialogue.

I could no longer bear that tormenting sight. I don’t know from where I gathered enough courage to face my drunkard father and I went straight to where he was standing to shield my mother from him. My father was no less than a devil in disguise. Seeing me there, he decided to derive some more sadistic pleasure by hitting me. But before he could harm me, I screamed and screamed with all my might.

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In a couple of minutes, the whole neighborhood was awake and banging at our door. I rushed to open as my father looked at me, alarmed as he was taken in by that surprise. Meanwhile, several aunts rushed inside to safeguard my mother on hearing my story. Somebody called the police station, and my father was imprisoned on charges of domestic violence.

That night, I cuddled closed to mum, unable to sleep. I was feeling betrayed by my own father. I was restless and my throat parched but I could not ask for water. My mother was awake all night too. As the sunlight entered our room the next day, we both made a promise to each other – A promise of togetherness! We decided that no matter how many more storms come in our life, we will continue to be each other’s support and not give in to the torture. We will raise our voice against all kind of atrocities and we won’t shed tears for people who don’t care for us.

Today, I am proud to have my mother by my side. She is everything to me – my mother, father, sibling, and also my best friend. I can never ask for anything more. Just a smile on her face relieves me from all the burden and I regain my strength to fulfill our dreams.

- The Girl who had the courage

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