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Saturday, 22 August 2015

No Matter What, A short story by HAC

"Dad! Why people change?" She asked, when she gained some consciousness and noticed her dad tucking her into bed.

"They don't change for you if they really love you."

"No, everyone changes," Her soul cracked and tears cleaned the make up from her cheeks. Two bottles down her throat, finally blew her into pieces. She then refused to go back home. Driver called her dad, he drove to the pub and brought her back home.

"You saw me change?" Her father held her pieces, cupping her cheek, "I saw you plucking flowers from garden and I saw you destroying yourself in a bar. I always held your hand and brought you home."

She kept looking at him and then started pinning her index finger in air, as if poking the air bubbles.
"But then why he changed?" A tear had already drew a thin line of Kajal on her face.

"Perhaps! He did not love you enough or he is not a dad yet."

She thought for a while and then started laughing, "Don't worry! I am not pregnant."

He smiled, turned off the light and walked downstairs. His eyes fell on a photograph from her childhood. He remembered the days when he was an alcoholic, never really caring about anyone. Then she was born and he changed drastically. Little did she know about how he left alcohol or how he chose a drawing book for her over a bottle for himself.

For her, the only thing that changed was his name. With time, How he became a Dad from Daddy.

People change, no matter what. However, remember, still there are a few who will always hold your hand and bring you home.

-Himanshu Appie Chhabra

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