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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Of Events and its Managers...

Noted Businessman Tej Angad Singh is neither pretentious with his events nor at the lunch table.

Dapper and unpretentious as ever, Tej Angad, the brain behind "Aouraa Production" reveals that at the age of 16 he started his event management business.That is too early for a start at that time. In fact, he got into event management because of the roads destiny had paved for him! That was some 10 years ago. “For many years he combined his hard work as a DJ and a construction business owner. While doing that I thought we could do some of our own too!” The move has been, well, wise. And quite successful. Today, he counts the likes of RDB and Anushka Manchanda, DJ Kiran Kamath and Hardy Sandhu among his artists. His event managing list is eclectic; there are musical options, those feel-good ones too. Then there are those that hit the headlines like RDB's “Aloo Chat” or “Sardaar Ji” that has been sung by the famous Surj and his band and saw the young guns of Indian youth make a beeline for the music video at the release. Then there is the recently associated artist “Labh Janjua” by Singh where the artist adds a nice little parallel to the concept of music industry. 

Mr. Angad says, his average day in this age of fierce competition and multi-tasking, could encapsulate a meeting with his employees, confabulations with his artists and even visits to several cities. “I am a hands-on person. I prefer to look at every task, every detail of an event myself.”
He can go on and on about his company "Aouraa Production", how he tries to shuffle his days from UK to India , how he plans to have more Big fat weddings across the country and the like. 

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