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Just Saying

Monday, 19 October 2015

"Why aren't you a doctor?", by Himanshu Chhabra

"Why aren't you a doctor?"
"Because People would have died," she reverted.
You could possibly be right, if you were a doctor people would have died. It confuses me, if you weren't a doctor what could you possibly be? I kinda thought about it for a while.... For a really long while and the best possible match was.... You are the second line of a beautiful poetry.
And I..... I will end up being the fourth line. Rhyming with you. Because then only I would know that I wouldn't even exist here without you. The poet would have created me keeping you in mind, he would have crafted every word of mine parallel to you.
And..... And..... There would have been just a thin line between us; the third. The line we would have crossed every night when the readers would have closed the book and kept it safe in the shelf. Ink clots would spread here and there just likes our clothes. Naked, we'd make love with a "comma" and "full stop."
Poetry writing poetries.
The poetry would have been named "Birth" and the poet would have signed under the poem as his name "Death." And... Between both of them, the words written would be all of our life.
-Impelled HAC

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