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Just Saying

Saturday, 13 October 2012

We are friends, a little more than forever. by Poonam Bhaktani

 Jane kyun dil janta hai…
Tu hai to I’ll be alright 

As they say there is a song for every occasion and feeling this is the best song in context of our friendship. My dear friend you are the only reason that today I know friendship as the best relation, just because of you I have experienced every bit of friendship. You were always thee for me, changing my tears into smile, for caring, helping and inspiring me. Every time I see around I find you standing beside me smiling and offering a helping hand. I know you will be with me always holding my hand whatever the situation it may be.

 You are the hopes in my dreams,
 You are the smile in my tears,,
 You are the courage in my fears
 You are the light in my way,,
 You are the sunshine in my day
 You are the thought in my mind
 You are the moon in black night

 You are a sweet hug in my loneliness
 You are the music in my song,,
 You are the words in my poem,,
 You are every thing in my world…

You always taught me that ‘having a problem is absolutely a problem but not sharing that problem is a bigger one’ and you always find time to share my problems and finding not so idiotic solution for my idiotic problems. Sometimes you miss your important things just because I needed to talk to you, skip your nap because I was feeling bored. You never complaint to me for keeping you awake just because I was not feeling good. You are the one who change my feelings into words so easily. I have always found a place in your prayers and I wish I will always be there in your prayers as you will be remembered in my prayers not always or forever but ‘a little more than forever’.

What would have I done without you. I know that I am stubborn, childish, confused, talkative and sometimes crazy too, but you have always seen me as sweet, cute, jolly, childish yet adorable and sometimes talented too. I just love your patience for handling me at my worse, bringing up optimism in me and teaching me lot of things. You have been the best teacher for me infect I find every relation in you. Many things which are good in me I owe to you. Sometimes you are as crazy as me and I really enjoy when that sometime arrives by chance. I still wonder how you easily manage when I talk so much; talking to you is real fun for me. We start discussing on earth and suddenly reach to mars. I never think what to say when I am with you every single word just comes naturally and sometimes I am flabbergasted with that kind of feeling. 

Many times you have been the reason of my laughter; your trust and confidence in me help me to believe in myself when I am low. I have taken so many things as granted but not anymore. I never want to loose a wonderful friend like you. You are definitely one of the best part of my life. I don’t know what reasons are there to make you cry but u will always find me with you crying with you and trying to make you smile. I want you as my friend neither always nor forever but ‘a little more than forever’.

By- Poonam

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