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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Book Review: Till The Last Breath, By Purple Pen

 Durjoy started it again with a Hospital. I don't know why he likes them too much. If it's not forever was also started there. Ok, let's not about what he is? What he can do/have done? We will only talk about the 237 pages bound in a cover named "Till The Last Breath"
             This time durjoy refreshed his art of story-telling.  His mature technique of writing keeps every line alive. Page by page the book explores the characters Dushyant, Pihu, Armaan, Zarah and Kajal.

      Armaan Kashyap belongs to a family with prestigious doctors. A person who wants to bring reforms being a doctor, A person who wants to earn his name, He doesn't want to live with a tag "Dad's gift" with his name.

       Pihu, not that cute baby from the serial "Bade Ache Lagte hai" but as interesting as her. A super-intelligent medical student. She is mad. I mean to say, who read 1st semester books before even joining the college. Do you? No na, but she read them all. She is suffering from ALS, an incurable disease. She is going to die, motionless on a hospital bed with tube cut into her throat. Asking, Is a dead daughter better than a dying daughter?

        Dushyant, screwing his own life with drugs n alcohol. A self-obsessed person, with an ex-girlfriend Kajal. Kajal  belongs to a rich family. She broken up with dushyant cause of his anger, his obsession, his drugs.

         Zarah, an intern doctor, fighting with her past. She belongs from an army background and was raped in her childhood. From That day, she started hating every male around her. She wants to come out of her past. She wants to live life of a strong woman.

           Pihu deserves to live, but can't. Dushyant deserves to die, but he will live again and take drugs untill he dies. They both share a single room in the Hospital. Pihu tries to live her best with the few days of breath left in her. Dushyant wants to get rid of it, the sooner the better.

            Worst paper quality, Grapevine is becoming greedy. Still, I read it cause of the name 'Durjoy Datta' He made the characters alive.

Dear Grapevine,
                Please let us enjoy reading. If you want to increase your earning, You can publish E-Books next time. They are more cheaper than  inferior quality paper.


Summing up,
A must read. You will experience an intense emotion, you will come to know 'How much Life worth?'. With a very rare lesson in the end. You will notice poor paper quality for just few pages. Then Durjoy's lyrics will help you in forgetting everything n listen the song, a song i want to listen again n again.

By- Himanshu Chhabra
(Purple Pen)

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  1. This book has exceeded the awesomeness depicted in If it's not forever. This is not just any story. This book is different! I could not put it down! A page turner! Durjoy Datta has beautifully depicted the use of refined vocabulary in this one. The concept is different. It makes you ponder about how you should live your life to the fullest. The character of Pihu is certainly the best one. The book is true to its title. Totally worth reading!


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