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Just Saying

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


I never liked this place.. Nothing about this place made me happy! Life here was like a mental trauma for me..
But I know I can't run away.. Atleast for the next 3 years
(long time, indeed)

Home was always where I wanted to reside.. Until the hatred between my mum-dad developed into animosity and they finally Divorced!!!

I was permitted to live with my mom.. (my super mom, rather) My mom tolerated the little flings of my dad for 17 long years..
I was happily living with my mom.. Until she decided to marry Vikram Sharma, his senior at work! I wasn't very happy about it.. But I never opposed..
All I did is I moved to this place.. Girls hostel, chandigarh.!
No one from my family never came to me.. Mum was busy with her new life. And dad.. never bothered!
6 months and my mom just called me 13 times.! And when I end up calling her.. Vikram uncle would make some lame excuse and would end the call..
I never felt bad about anything in my life.. I did ask my nani a lot of times..
Me- why mum and dad separated?
Nani- you are too young for this!
I never knew why dad used to have extra maritial affairs.?
How a 17 years of marriage can end.?
How can one move on after a broken past?

Many questions but no answer.! Today I am without any friend here..
I lost all my faith in relationships.. All my faith in love had died.! ....

-Parul Parihar

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  1. Some things always remain mystery... A Dark Secret.. !!

  2. yaa dats is nly 5 letter wrd..dats it..ppl can so easily move in their life...

  3. thankq purple pen and himanshu <3
    Many will relate to it.. M sure!


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